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Role: Business Stakeholder, Portfolio Owner, Program Manager - Visibility


As a business stakeholder, track features as they move through the value-stream with a high degree of confidence. From idea to production delivery.


  1. Delivery Summary Portfolio Kanban
    1. From the Lifecycle homepage, hover over the "Portfolio" menu and select "Portfolio Kanban"

Portfolio Menu

  1. Once in the "Portfolio Kanban" page, ensure that the "delivery summary" option is configured to be shown on cards (click on wrench icon, select "customize", then "card options" tab). When option is enabled, simply hover over the "delivery summary" area to view the summary for the feature in question.

Portfolio Kanban



  1. Delivery at a Glance - View by Portfolio Item
    1. From the Lifecycle homepage, hover over the "Release" menu and select "Delivery at a Glance"

Lifecycle Homepage

  1. From the Delivery at a Glance page, switch view to "View by Portfolio Item"

DAAG Homepage

Delivery at a Glance in "View by Portfolio Item" view.

View by Portfolio Item

  1. Once in "View by Portfolio Item" view, identify the following information:

i. Spread of the feature among the configured phases in your value stream

Feature Spread

The above image indicates the number of workitems that are found in each of the phases in the value tream. From it, we can conlude that the majority of workitem are in the "Canary Release" phase and the "Delivered" status. The light shaded workitems have been marked as completed while the dark shaded workitems are still in-progress.

ii. Percentage of the feature that has been completed vs. percentage of the feature that has been delivered

Done vs Delivered

The Done versus Delivered indicates that 44.9% of the feature has been completed, while only 20.3% has been delivered. This is an important differentiation as there is over 40% of work done that represents value not delivered to the end-user.


By gaining this level of visibility, stakeholders now have the information they need to make accurate decisions.