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Role: DevOps Architect - Efficiency


As a DevOps Architect, you may want to understand where bottlenecks your software delivery process.


  1. From the Top Menu, select "progressions, package progression". Click on the "Metrics" icon of this page Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 4.11.05 PM.png.

  2. Select a particular project and version that has already been delivered to the customer to view the history: project "WEBSTORE" and Version "4.8". The dashboard metrics view will change. You may have to adjust your zoom to see these options. 

3. Scroll down to see the Efficiency by Phase chart. This chart shows how long on average value stays in a particular phase until it moves to the next phase.


Wait Time is defined as the amount of time that the development value, in the form of stories and bug fixes, waits idle for either an approval or some other activity to complete in order to move to the next phase.

Touch time is actual time spent doing some sort of automated activity (such as running a test process, performing a build, etc.).

Efficiency is measured as a ratio between touch time and wait time. The higher the ratio number, the more efficient the phase is in terms of actual work effort.

With this information you could then start to focus on improving a particular phase of delivery. More focus should be given to phases with longer total time periods as well as phases with lower efficiency ratios.