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Data API

Last modified 07:59, 16 Jan 2015
Table of contents


The VersionOne Data API allows programmatic access to the information stored in your VersionOne instance. Through the Data API, you can query for simple or complex sets of information, update information, and execute system-defined operations.

Simple queries can request the value of one or more attributes on a single asset. Complex queries can request multiple assets that meet specific criteria, have the results sorted in a particular way, and even ask for a portion of the overall results.

Using the VersionOne Data API involves sending HTTP requests to specific URLs.

  • Use GET requests to query information and receive an XML response.
  • Use POST requests to update information, and include an XML payload to describe the update. POST requests are also used to execute operations that  change data in ways that cannot be accomplished with a simple update (such as re-opening a closed {{story}).

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