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Analytics/Datamart FAQ

Q: After an upgrade, receiving the following error message: Server Error in '/Analytics' Application.

A: One possible reason for this message is that "Enabled 32-bit Applications" parameter on the Application Pool is set to True.  It needs to be False. If that is not the case, open a new ticket with Agility Support.

Q: After a server move or database refresh on a Sandbox/test instance, the Analytics link takes me back to our production database, not the new one.

A: The Analytics configuration in Agility still points to the production instance.  

Go to Admin->Analytics and make sure the URL set up there is correct.

Q: During an upgrade or install, you see a message "Analytics Setup Error - Please Reboot".

A: Regarding the "reboot" message: This issue occurs when setup detects an unexpected copy of the setup executable in the C:/ProgramData/VersionOne/Analytics. If you delete that file and re-run setup you should not receive the "please reboot" prompt.

Q: The Analytics Upgrade fails with "Database Connection was not found in the database."

A: Contact Agility Support right away, and send the Setup Logs for the Agility instance and the Analytics/Datamart instance.

Q: Where can I see demonstrations of report creation, or get help?

A: One place is through the Agility Vimeo account.

There are many videos to help a report creator get started. Another option is to work with our Services Team. You can setup a call to address questions about custom reports through our ExpertEXPRESS ( service.
This is a “pay as you go” type of remote consulting service that can be purchased in 2, 4, or 8 hour time blocks. Once purchased, these blocks of time can be used within 12 months of the date of purchase. The cost is $450 per hour and is consumed in 2-hour blocks.

In many cases, customers start with a couple hours and then expand that to a few more hours for only the very complex or detailed reporting needs. The Services Team can also build it WITH you (pairing) so there is learning along the way.

Q: Why is my Datamart slow?

A: ETL load time is dependent on several factors, such as hardware (memory, CPU speed, disk configuration, etc), and the amount of data being loaded.  In our SaaS data center, we run multiple ETLs nightly against various sized databases and they are all complete in a reasonable time frame. 

The following things to consider when looking into slow Datamart processing times:

1. Configure the Data Mart database for Simple Recovery. 
2. Make sure you are on the latest release.  There have been many Data Mart performance enhancements introduced over the last year.
3. Make sure you are running the Data Mart with no command-line parameters or with the Incremental Mode flag (this is the default if no parameters are specified)
4. Make sure the hardware is sized appropriately.  

If you need assistance with any of this, please contact Agility Support.

Q: We are trying to run our DatamartLoader.exe and we keep getting the error: 
The Activity Log contains an incomplete DatamartLoader run for this Datamart

A: What you need to do to correct this issue is navigate to the ETL Folder (the { Agility instance name} to { Agility instance name}-datamart folder) in the command line, and run the Dataloader executable from the command line manually with the /cleanlog switch. So it would look like this:

VersionOne.DatamartLoader.exe /cleanlog
Once the ETL completes, execute the command again without the cleanlog option. The ETL should run without issue.

Q: I get a message that my Enterprise and Data Mart Loader are incompatible.

A: This error occurs when the data mart ETL version does not match the core Agility version.  Both version numbers are dumped to help determine how they do not match.  The most likely cause is that Agility was upgraded and the data mart was not. 

To fix the error, upgrade the data mart ETL. Contact Agility Support for assistance.

Q: My custom report/Analytics Grid showing incorrect story status (or any incorrect or outdated data).

A: When was that status changed in Agility? With analytics and custom reporting, the Datamart ETL has to run to update the Datamart database with updated data.

Our data mart databases in our On-Demand (hosted) environment are only updated once a day. The updating process begins usually in the 1am-2am EST (GMT-5) time frame.

So, if the status was changed today, you will not see the updated status in the Analytics Grid until tomorrow. If the status was updated yesterday, then it might be an issue with the dataloader. Check the workitem's History tab to see when the status was changed.

Q: I get the message "We're updating Analytics with the latest data. Please wait." when trying to look at Analytics/custom reporting.

A: First confirm that the Data Mart ETL is not running.  You can do this by looking at the ETL log or checking the Task Manager. 

In the SaaS environment, if you see an ETL process running, you'll need to confirm whether or not it's the ETL for the customer reporting the error.  You can do that by right clicking on the process and selecting "Open File Location".

Once you confirm that the ETL is not running, if the error remains, then do one of the following:

VersionOne.DataMartLoader.exe /cleanlog

Once the ETL completes, execute the command again without the cleanlog option. The ETL should run without issue.

Q: What fields are, and are not, available for Analytic Grids?

A: Rich Text fields and Multi-Select fields are not available in Analytics grids. These fields are not trended over time, so we do not make them available in Analytic Grids.
Date fields are hidden by default.

Q: What is an Analytics Integration Code?

A: The integration code would be a code you create on your end during Installation of Analytics. If the Database admin doesn't recall the previous code created, you can simply re-run the Analytics installer and enter in a new code when prompted to. Please ensure you copy this code down as you will need enter it again when Analytics is enabled. 

Q: I got this message: "You are a valid Agility user; however your member record does not exist in the reporting database (id=82515). Please contact your system administrator and request an update to the reporting data."

A: Analtyics relies on the Agility Data Mart for generating reports. This error indicates that the user is valid in your Agility instance, but does not exist in the Data Mart database. This generally happens when users are added to Agility after the ETL has been executed. This condition will be resolved the next time the ETL is executed.

Q: I get this message when accessing Analytics: "Analytics can connect to the Data Mart database; however it did not find the required database table. Please contact your Agility administrator and verify that the Data Mart ETL ran successfully."

A: As the message indicates, Analytics can successfully connect to the Data Mart database.  This is a good thing and let's us know that the install was most likely successful.  

The second part of this message "however it did not find the required database table", is an indicator that either the user did not run the ETL or it failed.

Check the ETL logs first. If there is not an ETL log,  you will need to run the ETL from the command-line. This will create the database tables. If you run into any issues, please contact Agility Support.

Q: Where is the dataloader executable for Datamart?

A: It is normally found in the ETL Folder ({ Agility instance name} to { Agility instance name}-datamart). If you cannot locate that folder, search the Datamart webserver for "VersionOne.DataMartLoader.exe"

Q: Why do I not see my custom field in Analytics or Custom Reporting?

A: The Datamart Dataloader needs to run at least one time after adding a custom field. So if you add a custom field to Agility today, it will most likely show up tomorrow in Analytics and Custom Reporting, if you run the dataloader one time per day. Check the date of the last update on any Analytics page to see when the last dataload was performed. If the dataloader has been run after adding the custom field, then it may be the field type. See the question above for "What fields are, and are not, available for Analytic Grids?"