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Deprecating Role-Based Dashboards in Analytics

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



The role-based Dashboards have been a valuable part of Analytics since the its inception in 2010.  These are the Dashboards with tabs labeled "Executive", "Product Owner", "Team", "ScrumMaster", and "Quality".   Since the introduction of the organizational reporting dashboards (aka the level-based dashboards) in the Fall 2015 release, the role-based have become redundant and the source of confusion. 

The level-based dashboards are the tabs labeled "Dashboard" by default under the main menus (Executive, Portfolio, Program, and Team).   These dashboards are more powerful and flexible than the older role-based dashboards.   Because of the increased flexibility with the level-based Dashboards, we have decided to focus our efforts in this area and no longer support the role-based Dashboards. As a result, the Summer 2017 release starts the countdown for removing the role-based dashboards in Analtyics.

For the next year, the role-based dashboards will remain in the product, but they will not receive any new panels or panel updates.  In this time we ask that you begin using the level-based Dashboards and let us know if you cannot move a role-based dashboard to a level-based dashboard.

The role-based dashboards are planned to be removed in the Fall 2018 release.