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Working with Communities

This feature is available in all editions.


Overview Agility Communities allow organizations to create a secure, centralized place where everyone involved in the Agile product development process can collect and share knowledge. Communities help organizations build better software by allowing team members to learn from the collective knowledge of the organization and from the people within. Communities are open environments that are integrated into Agility and allow team members to publish best practices, agreements, and other supporting documents. Agility Communities is pre-seeded with a set of common Agile best practice topics that were created by Agile coaches and evangelists. You can delete these topics and replace them with your own, or easily change them to reflect the specific needs of your organization.

Looking for a specific topic? Type your search terms in the Quick Search box at the top of any page to find matching topics.

Accessing Communities

In the left pane in any page, click CollaborationCollaborationIcon.png > Communities > Community of your choice.

Many pages in the application also have the quick topic reference link (next to the Collaboration link). You can pin relevant topic for each one of the pages to ensure that all users see topics related to that page. For example, the topic on User Story Estimation may be pinned to the Backlog page.