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How do I delete a large number of items at one time?


This feature is available in all editions.


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I have a large number of backlog items that I need to delete. How can I delete them without having to do one at a time?


  1. Select all the check boxes next to the items you want to delete.

  2. Choose Delete from the action drop-down action menu in the left corner of the grid.

Speeding Up the Deletion Process

You can try any combination of these tips to make the bulk deletion process go faster.

Tip 1: Select All Items on the Page

Click the Select All check box at the top of the column to select all the items on the page, and then choose Delete from the action menu. Note that this option allows you to select only the items currently displayed. To delete more items, see Tip 2 below.


Tip 2: Show More Rows Per Page

You can customize the grid to show more rows per page. See Changing the Number of Rows Displayed on a Page to learn how to do it. Note that your page load times may increase, but you will be able to select more rows at once.

Tip 3: Sort and Filter the Grid 

You can also sort or filter the grid to change the range of what's being deleted.