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How to See All Members in All TeamRooms

If you want to see all of your TeamRooms and who is in them this is the best way.

How to get a list of TeamRoom members from each TeamRoom all at once


  • You must be logged into Agility Lifecycle
  • You need to know your V1 Instance URL and how basic browsing and URL manipulation works
  • This will not display the TeamRooms that the person running the query cannot see. This will only show the TeamRooms in which they have permission to see.


  1. Log in to Agility Lifecycle as normal. 
  2. Note your URL. It will be something like "<your V1 instance name>/Default.aspx?menu=EpicsPortfolioPlanningPage".
  3. Now, edit the URL in the browser address bar so that you only have this part:<your V1 instance name>/
  4. Next append the following onto that URL: rest-1.v1/Data/TeamRoom?sel=Scope,Name,Participants.Name
  5. Your URL would then look like this:<your V1 instance name>/rest-1.v1/Data/TeamRoom?sel=Scope,Name,Participants.Name
  6. Hit enter. 
  7. The returned results will display in XML format. You can copy that into Excel or your personal choice XML reader.

If you try this, please do not copy the URL listed in the article and expect that to work. That is an EXAMPLE. Use YOUR instance URL.

What's Next

This will show all of your teamrooms that you have access to, along with all of the members that have been added to that teamroom.

For info on XML Readers, please use your preferred internet search engine to find information or to download an XML reader.

For additional info on the API, please review the Community article "Getting Started with the API".