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VersionOne-Users Google Group Email address:

Is this group not active any more, if not have group moved?
We are potential new users of Agility and looking for existing user group. /Mark
how can I move closed task to previous week ?
I forgot to close my tasks and submit my timesheet for previous week. Now when I close it, it is appearing in current week. Can I move them to previous week?
Requests and Epics - Reporting
Hi, I'm trying to create a report of Epics and the request that the Epic was generated from, but in the customer reporting module neither has a reference to the other to use as a primary key. Any suggests on how I would go about getting a report with these data elements.... Request ID,
Why can I copy some Portfolio items and not others?
I can copy some portfolio items, but not others. Anyone know what is preventing version one from allowing a portfolio item from being copied? Screenshot attached of both items, one can be coped, the other can not.
Custom fields to Verion One?
Is there a way to add custom fields to Verion One?
Why would I want or not want to Close an item?
We have a team board, task board, and status. So a user story moves to Accepted status which is the rightmost column in the team board. A task moves to Completed status, which is the rightmost column in the task board. Given all that, why would we also want to Close a task or User Story. Does
Roadmap doen's display chils planning levels
When I use parent planning level for Roadmaps it doesn't display portfolio items from child planning levels. Also I can't add existing portfolio items to the roadmap, it only allows creating new ones. Does someone know how to address these issues?
Custom logos in Ideas Forum
We want to create a specialized forum for select clients. We have created a logo for general use in Ideas forums, we want a specialized logo for this particular forum only. Is there any way to create individual logos for individual forums? In other words, the special logo would appear only in
Bulk upload of stories
Team How do i "Bulk Upload" stories to version one ? I have about 2600 stories that i need to upload. Any pointers will help. Further, how do i create a mapping to the relevant epic / feature ? I do not want to go to each story and map them to correct Epic / Feature. Thanks
Is there a way to "Choose Favorites" while choosing Portfolio / Team name ?
Hi Is there a way to "Create A Favorite" list of "Projects "/ Portfolio / Epics / Features rather than choose each time ? I have a host of projects / portfolios listed in my Org and this its frustrating that i am forced to choose each time.
Find all items that I created, regardless of status, sprint, etc.
I want to get a list of every item (Request, BI, Defect, etc.) that I have ever created. Is there a way to get a list where the only criteria is the value in the "Created By" field? All of the built-in options appear to restrict to the current project or sprint - I want to search the entire
Scope change after sprint started
Hi, I am trying to build a custom report using the Analytics inside VersionOne. It would basically talk about the how much did the scope change after the sprint started. Number of story points added after the sprint has started divided by total story point committed at the start of the
Tracking changes through the sprint
Hi All, As the sprint kicks off many things are subjected to change. Am looking for building custom or reusing existing reports which give the following information: - Dataobject for the total number of storypoints added AFTER the sprint got started - Dataobject for the total number
Bulk Edit of Stories Portfolio Items
We have a backlog of around 2600 Stories. We changed the portfolio items for all 2600 manually (took forever) based on feedback from management. We were just asked due to a change in direction to change them all back. We have an excel file from before we made the changes with the original
Feature or Program Initiative Level Report
Is there a report available that displays at the Program Initiative/Feature level, with features/stories rolled up? Example 1: Feature ABC 18 PTS Story 1 5PTS Story 2 10PTS Story 3 3 PTS Example 2: Program