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Logging Into Agility

This feature is available in all editions.



If you are having trouble figuring out how to log into Agility, follow the steps in this article.

If You Can't Find the Login Page...

You are currently on the Agility Community site. You cannot log into your Agility instance from here.

You might be on instead of the Agility application. Each instance of Agility is unique. To log in, you need your Agility application URL, which looks something like this:


How to Find Your Agility URL

If you cannot find your Agility application URL, you have several options:

If you are currently using trial version:

If you've logged in before:

  1. check your browser history and look for a URL similar to the following:
  2. Search your email inbox for your Welcome email.

  3. Contact the person who created the account - usually your Agility System Administrator.

  4. Contact Customer Support and describe your problem. Be sure to include your company information and we'll notify your System Administrator.