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How do I view multiple projects across the hierarchy?

This feature is available in all editions.



I have a number of projects across the hierarchy that are spreadout in such a way that I can't easily see what is going on with them. How can I see all of my projects in one place?


Depending on your needs, you can either use the All Projects or Schedule filter in My Projects to view just your projects or ask your System Administrator to create a Program within the hierarchy that represents the projects you'd like to see.

Using filters or setting up a Program depends on why you'd like to see all the projects. Is it because you are responsible for working on them or are you responsible for tacking progress and metrics? While Programs do make it simple to see all the projects associated with a Program, it is primarily a reporting tool that allows you to run Program/Project Dashboard reports and see metrics on both the Program as a whole and each of the projects individually. Filters are best to use if tracking and reporting are not needed.