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Using the Sidebar

This feature is available in all editions.



The Sidebar (left-pane menu options) displays on the left side of every page. From the sidebar, you can execute the most commonly used Agility features, including the following:


My Home

You can use the My Home menu option from the sidebar to track all your work such as your inbox,  timesheets, subscriptions, saved filters, and so on.


Add New Asset

You can use the Add New Asset option to add new backlog item, request, file an issue, a new portfolio item, and so on.



You can use the search option to search for any artifact such as project, sprint, conversation, and so on. You can also use the Advanced search option to carry out a more robust search by selecting an appropriate category for searching. 

You can also use the Find deleted items option to recover any accidentally deleted artifacts.


My Recent Changes

By using the My Recent Changes option, you could browse through all the recent changes you have made in Agility. These changes could be changes to owners, sprint schedule changes, backlog changes, and so on.



Using the Rooms option, you can view and manage all your TeamRooms and PlanningRooms. This option enables your team members to track all their work by means of discussion using the Storyboard, Testboard, Taskboard, and so on.



The Conversations option provides a platform to your teams and other stakeholders to collaborate and discuss about anything related to work items. The option automatically associates any conversation with a work item, hence makes it easy for you to track all the discussions.



As your team begins working, you can use any of the collaboration features in Agility to stay in tune with what's going on. You can create communities to discuss and share content around common best practices, troubleshooting scenarios, and so on.


Saved Views

You can customize the way you want to track your work, and save the view appropriately using the Saved Views option.


Reports Agility reports give you direct access into program, release, sprint/iteration, and team health and progress in a central location. You can use this information to make decisions to ensure that projects are on track. You can access the corresponding reports from any page in Agility.


Analytics Agility Analytics is a business intelligence tool that provides Ultimate edition customers reporting options above those offered in the core product. You can use this option to create analytical dashboards for a project or a program, use Analytical Grids to logically group data and values to get insightful charts that can be shared.


Site Navigator

The Site Navigator is a one-stop-shop access to your planners and the rest of the Agility pages.



The Admin menu allows you to configure various aspects of Agility such as the following:

  • System configurations - Tags, terminology, transitions, and so on
  • Project configurations - Sprint schedules, member roles, and so on
  • Member configurations - Team members, guest collaborators, and so on
  • Teams configurations
  • Asset customizations - Custom fields, project workspace asset, and so on
  • List Types - Backlog, Portfolio item, Task, Test, and so on
  • Extension - SMTP and Webhooks
  • DevOps - Continuum, CommitStream, and DeliveryStream
  • Ideas - Legal, branding, and email

You can also configure user account settings.