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Displaying/Hiding PlanningRoom Panels

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



PlanningRooms are made up of panels (or views) that support different aspects of planning and tracking. You can display or hide panels as needed by simply clicking on the name of a panel. Similar to a toggle switch, you can show or hide only what you want to see at any time. Note that hiding a panel does not permanently remove it from the room.

Each panel can be installed and configured in any number of ways to match the intended focus.


  1. Choose one of the the following:
    • Select Portfolio > PlanningRooms, and then click on the name of a PlanningRoom.

    • Select PlanningRooms to view all of your rooms.

  2. Click on a tab to display any of the following panels in your TeamRoom.

    • Portfolio Tree panel. Shows a tree of portfolio items and allows for quick inspection through drill-down into the hierarchy.
    • Roadmap panel. Shows planned work and delivery on portfolio items across time to ensure your plans are both realistic and in sync.

    • Socrecard panel. Instant access to a barometer of key project performance indicators at the project, program, portfolio item, and team level.

    • Conversations panel. Shows all Conversations started in the PlanningRoom as well as conversations that mention portfolio items in the room.

    • Analytics panel. Shows a configured set of metrics selected from relevant Analytics Dashboard options to keep everyone aware of progress.