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Applying Filters to the Portfolio Tree

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



To limit the rows displayed in the Portfolio Tree, you can use filters to narrow the focus of active portfolio items.  The following table describes the available Portfolio Item filters.

Name Description
Owner Return Portfolio Items Owned by the selected Member(s)
Portfolio Item Return the selected Portfolio Item(s) and all child Portfolio Items
Portfolio Item Root Return only those Portfolio Items in context that are children of the selected Portfolio Item.  Unlike the Portfolio Item filter, when using this option the parent Portfolio Item is not returned.
Reporting Category Return Portfolio Items in the selected Reporting Category
Status Return Portfolio Items in the selected Status value
Strategic Theme Return Portfolio Items in the selected Strategic Theme(s)
Tags Return Portfolio Items tagged with the specified Tag(s)
Target Team Return Portfolio Items who's Target Team attribute is set to the selected Team
Teams Return Portfolio Items who's Team attribute contains the selected Team
Type Return Portfolio Items of the specified Type
Include Closed Items Include Closed Portfolio Items that meet the specified filter
Show Backlog Items Show the Backlog Items under each Portfolio Item
Single Level Ignore the Portfolio Item hierarchy and only consider Tracked Portfolio Items in the selected context.  This filter is not the same as the "Single Level" Planning Level filter, which limits results to the selected Planning Level.  This filter considers the entire Planning level hierarchy and limits results to Portfolio Items in context with out a parent in context.
More Filters Additional filter options on select Portfolio Item attributes.
  • For each Portfolio Item, click the plus icon to view the child Portfolio Items, or Backlog Items when Show Backlog Items is enabled.
  • "Tracked Portfolio Items" are those Portfolio Items in the selected Planning Level context that do not have a parent in the same context.  These Portfolio Items are the top level Portfolio Items visible when in the Portfolio Tree when no filters are applied.


  1. Click Portfolio > Planning > Portfolio Tree.

  2. Click or start typing in the filter field, and then select the any of the filter options.

  3. Repeat the previous step to apply more filters, and then click Apply when done.

The More Filters will display ONLY what matches that filter explicitly. The pre-defined ones will show the children of all the parents that match that filter.

Clearing Filters

To clear a single filter:

  • Click on the - symbol next the the name of the filter.

To remove all filters that have been applied and restore the default settings:

  • Click Clear All Filters in the top right corner of the page