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This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



For product owners and program managers who need to create, view, and present future plans, Roadmaps provide a flexible way to show important milestones to both external and internal audiences.

You can use Roadmaps to:

  • keep the team updated on the broader context of where they are going.

  • keep stakeholders in the loop so they can better understand current priorities and timing and see how their needs will be fulfilled over time.

  • provide better feedback into the planning cycle with respect to how stakeholder requests stack up against existing priorities.

Two Roadmap Layouts

Roadmaps show the all of the portfolio items at every level of your project tree. No matter which view you choose, the Board Layout or the Timeline Layout, your roadmap is always in sync with your 'real plans' because both views are based on the planned start and end dates of existing portfolio items.

Board Layout

Use the Board layout to focus on planned delivery. To learn more, see Roadmap Board Layout.

Timeline Layout

Use the Timeline layout to see duration of work. See Roadmap Timeline Layout for details.

Note that the Roadmaps feature is not the same as the Roadmap reports.

Legacy Roadmapping functionality that does not utilize Portfolio Items is being deprecated. This functionality will be accessible through the Fall 2016 release to allow time to switch usage to the new Roadmapping that is based on Portfolio Items.