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Tests in Portfolio Items and Analytic Grids

Q: In VOne, Acceptance Tests (AT) can be created for portfolio items (Epics and Features) as well as workitems (Stories).  We have users doing just that for all types.  When they try to use the Analytic Grids, option Tests, the only ATs that are provided in that view are ATs created for workitems/stories. Are we missing something on how to run the Analytic Grids for ATs or is this functionality limited to workitems for some reason?  If so, is the some other report that can be used to consolidate ATs for portfolio items as well as workitems?


A: Despite the similarities, Tests on Portfolio Items are different than Tests on Backlog Items.  First, they are acceptance tests for the entire Feature, Capability, or Epic (aka Initiative)  therefore they test (or should test) a higher level of functionality than those on a individual backlog item.  Second, they do not have the same attributes and behaviors as Backlog Item test.  For example, you cannot track Detail Estimate and ToDo on an Epic Test nor can you plan them into iterations. 
The Test Grid in Analytics is intended to only contain Backlog Item Acceptance Test not all Acceptance Test. 

So, you can see all the acceptance tests on the core report "Test Quicklist" regardless of parent asset type. I would recommend using that instead of Analytic Grids in this case.