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Portfolio Tree "Team" filters explained

Q: There are 3 team filters in the portfolio tree:

Using the portfolio team filter, it returns features that are do not have the matching target team assigned.

What is the difference between “Team” and “Portfolio Team” and “Workitem Team”?

And why no “Target Team?”


A: From the Portfolio Tree UI, the Team column is a roll-up at the PI (Portfolio Item) parent level of Teams assigned to children backlog item(s). 

Based on the Team Name you're filtering by, the "Team" filter will retrieve all Parent Portfolio items that have a team assigned at the child backlog level as well as The Target Team if the Team name you're filtering by is the same.

The "Portfolio Team" filter will retrieve only the Parent Level PIs from the "Team" column which again is a roll-up from teams assigned at the child backlog level, based on the Team Name you're filtering by. Target Team column is ignored.

The "Workitem Team" filter will retrieve the actual backlog items and any Portfolio Items that share the same Team Name in the Target Team field. Again, Based on the Team Name you're filtering on.

There is no specific Target Team filter, but it has been discussed as an inclusion in a future release.