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Viewing Issue Details

This feature is available in all editions.


The Issue Details page allows you to view and update the details, relationships, and attributes of an issue.


Accessing Issue Details

Click on an issue title or ID anywhere within the application or, choose one of the following menu options:

  • Product > Input > Issues

  • Team > Iteration Planning (or Sprint Planning) > Issues

  • Team > Iteration Tracking (or Sprint Tracking) > Issues

Managing Issue Details

From the Issue Details page you can perform the following high-level functions using the tabs at the top of the window.

If you want to...

Do this...

View and update all request details

Click the Details tab

View the change history for a request

Click the History tab. See History.

View a graphic representation of the issue's relationships to other related assets

Click the Visualize tab and click View Options to select which relational backlog items appear (Defects, Portfolio Items, Ideas, Requests, Stories, Test Sets)

Edit issue details

Click the Edit button to open the Issue Edit window. You can also open this drop-down menu to perform other more granular functions (Generate Story, Generate Defect, Copy, Close Issue, Delete, and Watch Issue). See Using the Backlog Grid for more details.

Viewing/Managing Issue Relationships

Click Show Relationships at the bottom of the Issue Details page to manage the portfolio items, stories, defects, test sets, requests, and retrospectives to assign to an issue, and add, update, or remove links and attachments from the issue. For any items you add or assign, you click Remove in the grid to remove them from the selected issue.

If you want to...

Do this...

Assign the issue to a story to the issue to plan specific work to be done within the sprint.

Go to Stories Blocked by This Issue and click Assign.

Assign a defect to plan and track specific bug fixing work that was identified as a result of this issue.

Go to Defects to Resolve This Issue and click Assign.

Assign a defect identified as blocked due to this issue.

Go to Defects Blocked by This Issue and click Assign.

Assign a test set identified as blocked due to this issue.

Go to Test Sets Blocked by This Issue and click Assign.

Assign a request to this issue.

Go to Requests and click Assign.

Assign a retrospective to this issue.

Go to Retrospectives and click Assign.

Add a new link to external documentation

Go to Links and click Add.

Add a new file attachment

Go to Attachments and click Add.