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At what levels can capacity can be defined?

This feature is available in all editions.


What's Happening?

I see capacity in different places in the application. Can you give me a quick rundown of where this can be defined and the purpose of each?


Capacity can be expressed at the release level, the team level and the individual level.  

Project (or Release) level capacity can be defined in terms of Target Swag or Target Estimate for a given project (or release). This value is used in Release Planning as a means to provide an initial target that the teams feel is reasonable within a defined release timeframe. The Release Planning view shows the amount currently planned in a release vs. the target capacity defined for it. The Project Quicklist report can be used to view the capacities, including across the set of projects/releases in a selected program. 

If you are using the optional Teams feature, Team level capacity is defined as a value on the team and expressed in terms of estimate per sprint. It is used in Release Planning as a means to confirm that the amount planned for a given team within a given release is reasonable. That view also calls out any work allocated to the team in any other overlapping release (i.e. without regard to a specified program) to present a true picture of the team's workload.

Individual Capacities are primarily used for sprint-level planning and can be viewed in the Sprint Planning > Capacity page.