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Generating a Test Set from a Regression Suite

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.



You can schedule (generate) test sets within sprints/iterations when initially creating (or later editing) the test set. Or you can schedule test sets during sprint planning. Tests sets are created by default within the same project as the regression plan. You can move test sets to another (e.g., lower level) project if appropriate for work tracking purposes.


  1. Select Release > Planning > Regression Planning.

  2. From the Plan Type list on the left, click on the suite for which you want to generate a test set. The Summary window opens for the selected suite.

  3. Go to the Test Set subsection and click on the plus sign (+) to see the test sets already scheduled (if any) for the selected suite.

  4. To schedule a new test set for the suite, click Generate. The Generate Test Set window opens.

  5. Enter a test set Title and select a Project to associate it with from the drop-down list. Optionally, you can also define Environment, Sprint/Iteration, Team, Backlog Group, and Portfolio Item for the test set.

  6. Click Save to save the test set, or click Save & New to save and add (generate) another test set. The system adds your new test set to the list and assigns it a unique ID (TS-nnnnn).