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Using the Program Board


The Program Board summarizes cross-team feature level dependencies throughout your iterations/sprints so you can identify and focus on the cross-team communications that matter most.  You can use this board to verify your planning sessions and to track the delivery progress throughout the program increment/release.

Beginning in the Fall 2017 release, the Program Board has date-based options that enable the definition of a cadence that is different from the Sprint/Iteration schedule being used by the Teams

At a glance

ProgramBoard.pngAt a glance, you can:

  • see which teams are delivering work for a specific feature (portfolio item) and when it will be delivered based on the stories/backlog items in planned iterations.

  • determine which portfolio items have not been planned.

  • see which teams are responsible for delivering the portfolio item in the program increment/release.

  • see dependencies across teams and portfolio items.

  • see which features are being delivered out of order.

  • see portfolio items that have work planned into Iterations beyond the planned end date.

  • see portfolio items that have work in another program increment/release.

See Understanding the Program Board Layout and Indicators for additional explanations.

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