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Application Administration

This feature is available in all editions.



The Applications page shows all of the integrated applications that have been granted specific authentication access to your Agility API through access tokens. Agility administrators can see all of the applications that have been created system wide, including public applications (available to all members) as well as personal applications (which are private to the owner/creator).

You can access the Application page from Admin  Admin.png  > Application from the sidebar (left-pane menu options). From this page, the following tasks can be performed:

  • Revoke applications or individual grants if they are no longer needed

  • Create new public applications for use by all members

  • Promote personal applications to "public" applications

What is the difference between a public application and a personal application?

A "public" application is an application that has been created by an administrator and that is available for use by anyone within the system.  A "personal" application is an application that an individual member has created for themselves. Note that this type of application can only be used by the member who created it. It is not available to other members. 

To manage applications, your Admin Privileges role must be set to "Sys Admin".