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How do I add a new list type to track data that is unique to my organization?

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.



I would like the ability to add a a text box similar to Comments  field when viewing list of backlog items in Sprint Tracking. This would allow me to type anything and make it visible in the list of backlog items along with other fields (e.g., so I don't have to edit the backlog item in order to enter information into the field).

Is there an existing feature in Lifecycle that will let me do this?


There are several options to help with this:

  • You can rename attributes on assets (e.g. backlog items).

  • You can use an existing text field, such as Reference, for this purpose. Reference is an attribute that does not display in grids throughout the application, but is included in Search results.

  • List values in drop-down lists can be customized on the List Types page and, like other attributes, labels can be changed. The drop-down lists are single select, however, so they would not be appropriate for your needs.

  • You can also add custom drop-down lists or custom list types for this purpose. Keep in mind that the drop-downs will be single select only.