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Customizing Display Names for Custom Fields and Columns - File Based

This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


Refer to the Localization article for more information on customizing display names.

Beginning in Winter 2020,, and you can customize Custom Field Names from the Terminology page. Refer to the current help topic for more information.

To make custom fields visible, you must first publish the them, and then assign them to a custom column. To change the display name of a custom field, you must localize its custom column, as follows:

  1. Edit your file (or create one if not already there) in the Strings directory under the Agility application on your webserver.

  2. To localize a column currently named OriginalColumnName to display as Shoe Size, add an entry such as example below:

ColumnHeading'Custom'OriginalColumnName=Shoe Size
ColumnTitle'Custom'OriginalColumnName=Shoe Size
ColumnDescription'Custom'OriginalColumnName =The member's shoe size

The ColumnHeading entry sets the label for the field in the details pages and the column header in grids. The ColumnTitle entry sets the title of the column in the grid's customize page. The ColumnDescription entry sets the description of the column in the grid's customize page.