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Deleting a Project Workspace

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.



You can delete a project workspace when you do NOT want a project to be customized differently than the parent. After deleting the workspace, the project will inherit the workspace settings defined at the nearest parent project.


  1. Select Admin > Project & Field Admin > Display Fields > Project Workspace Assets.

  2. Click the Delete Project Workspace button. The name of the project will no longer display in italics.

Uh-Oh! All my fields are grayed out in the Project Workspace! I cannot change the checkbox!

This means that the project workspace that you are looking at is inherited from a parent project. A project with its own Project Workspace will have an * next to it and will be highlighted blue. If the project you are looking at is not highlighted, then look at its parent project. Is that one highlighted? If it is then that is the Project Workspace that you need to edit. Project Workspaces are inherited down the hierarchy. The exception is if a child has its own unique project workspace. The rule of thumb is if it's not highlighted with an asterisk next to it, look at its parent.