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System Maintenance

Key Information

  1. Microsoft SQL Server should be set to Update Statistics automatically (the default setting). This improves ongoing performance of the system as the database grows over time.

  2.  To keep reporting data current, schedule the DatamartLoader to run on a recurring basis.  More details/guidance is provided in the 'Load the Datamart' topic in V1Datamart.pdf (packaged with the setup executables).

  3. Regular full database backups of Agility and Analytics databases should be performed. This activity can be scheduled using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. A full database backup is required to restore the system should a hardware failure occur. It is not necessary to back up the Datamart database, as it can be recreated using the Agility DatamartLoader.

  4. We recommend that you back up any localization files you've created for quicker system recovery.