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This feature is available in all editions.


The content in this article applies to On-premise Agility instances only. If you are an On-Demand (V1 Hosted) customer, see On-Demand (V1 Hosted) System Maintenance.

Installing or managing a Agility instance involves creating or updating the web application and the associated run-time database. To accomplish these tasks, Setup needs to be executed as Administrator. On newer versions of Windows, this involves more than just logging in as Administrator, or a user with Administrative privileges. The best way to ensure that you run the setup with the appropriate privileges is to right-click on the Setup executable and select "Run As Administrator".

Before running Setup, you should verify that your machine meets the all the required system requirements.

Installation Errors and Troubleshooting

When setup fails, you are presented with a window that indicates the failure and provided with an option to open the log file. In most cases the error message clearly indicates what failed (for example, Insufficient rights to create database). However, there are situations when Windows returns a cryptic error code. In these situations, please email Agility Support and include the setup log file.