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Windows Integrated Authentication

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.


The content in this article applies to On-premise VersionOne instances only. If you are an On-Demand (V1 Hosted) customer, see On-Demand (V1 Hosted) System Maintenance.

Windows Integrated Authentication Mode provides an additional level of security for the VersionOne application. Selecting this mode during installation configures IIS to authenticate all requests for the application using the Integrated Windows Authentication Method.

When using this mode, all VersionOne members must have a Windows login that the VersionOne installation computer can authenticate. The login can be a domain user or a local user on the VersionOne installation computer. For domain users, the VersionOne installation computer's domain must trust the domain of the users' domain.

During installation, choose "Windows Integrated" for the authentication mode and then assign a domain account for the VersionOne Administrator.