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Customizing the Taskboard

This feature is available in all editions.



Follow these steps to learn how to customize the Taskboard.

In order to customize the Taskboard, your project role must be "Project Lead" or above.

Customizing Columns

The Status attribute defines the columns in the board display. Add new columns by adding a new List Value to the Status list type and enabling that value for use in a project using the Project Workspace settings on the Display Fields page in Administration.

You can expand or collapse columns using the clipboard_e8e71be871113b8c164fc44356a6d4079.png and clipboard_eff0ef4d09d253f862edfa91bde14be50.png buttons at the top of each column respectively.

Customizing Task Card Colors

Click the Legend button to review current color representation settings and/or to configure the color coding by task type. Backlog cards retain any customizations made via the Storyboard of the same project so that any changes there are available on the Taskboard as well.

The board view includes items on subprojects even if those items fall outside of the list values designated for the columns, rows, or coloring scheme defined for the board. For example, if the board is colored by Type and a subproject of the current project selection uses a particular Type value that is not used on the selected project, that lower level Type value still receives a color on the board.

Viewing and Filtering Tips

  • Use the Highlight Owner option to highlight the work assigned to a single team member so that each individual can more easily recall what work they have done and what is next up on their list. Highlighting (Nobody) allows team members who are ready to sign up for new tasks to easily see unassigned tasks that are available.

  • If any of the tasks are owned by the Owner, you see all the tasks associated with the parent story. This to ensure that you get the larger context. We feel it is important for you to see not only the individual task owned by the filtered owner, but all the tasks in that associated story so you are aware of the overall developments with that story.

  • Pop up the Standup Dashboard page in a new window and expand the page to view the Taskboard and graphs without the surrounding page wrapping so that you can view more on the page.