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What is IdeaSpace?


IdeaSpace is Agility’s open communication forum where you can share your ideas for new features or enhancements with Agility – and all Agility customers – let us know how we can update our products and services to better meet your teams’ needs.

What can I do on IdeaSpace?

Anyone who visits IdeaSpace can read about the ideas that have been posted as well as users’ comments about the ideas. If you sign up to be a registered member of the site (and accept our Terms of Service), you can also submit your own ideas, vote for those you think are most valuable and comment on ideas submitted by other people.

How does Agility decide which features to build?

IdeaSpace is one input into the product planning process that provides us with an indicator for the value of features to our customer base. Product strategy and Agile industry trends are among the other inputs. As many of our customers do, Agility considers value to our customer base as well as factors such as cost and fit with the strategic direction of the product when determining what features rise to the top when building out or roadmap and prioritizing our backlog. 

When doing discovery on a particular new feature, Agility's product managers may reach out to a subset of people who commented or voted on related items within IdeaSpace to solicit further input. Depending on the complexity of the feature, this additional communication can help provide more clarity around customer needs and help us to build better solutions.

What are the reasons you might not be working on the most popular ideas first?

We realize that those who take the time to participate in IdeaSpace might want feedback on ideas posted there including reasons why we may decide not to pursue a particular idea, especially if it’s received a large number of votes. While we do review submissions, we typically are not at liberty to share specific reasons for our decisions. However, submissions typically are not pursued for one of the following reasons:

  • The cost/benefit ratio (we call it "bang for the buck") might not be the most attractive option out there at the moment. (This is the most common reason.)
  • It may not be a strategic fit with where we want to take our product.
  • The size of the opportunity may not fit with our business plans.
  • A different technical solution may already be known to us.

Why did Agility implement IdeaSpace? Agility has users literally all over the world. As such, there are a variety of ways that ideas reach us. Having a centralized forum for new ideas and discussions provides richer input through open collaboration, helps us to better identify which items our customers find most valuable and ensures that your ideas are shared with the individuals within the company who are best able to access them.

Can I ask a Agility product question in IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpace is a Agility online community dedicated to sharing and discussing product ideas and allowing you to see how Agility is putting top ideas into action. If you have a specific product question or need product support, please visit our Community Site or send an email directly to

Does IdeaSpace replace the Agility Community Site?

Not at all. In fact, IdeaSpace is accessible through the Agility Community Site and is simply a separate channel of communication with Agility that is geared towards customer input on product needs and opportunities.

Who can use IdeaSpace?

All Agility users are invited to register for and participate in IdeaSpace.

Do I need a Agility Enterprise or Agility Team license to use IdeaSpace?

Although IdeaSpace is intended to support and promote product-related conversations, a product license for our Enterprise or Team editions is not required in order to join the discussion.

How do I submit a new idea to IdeaSpace?

Simply enter your idea and search for matches; if you find that your idea doesn’t already exist, go ahead and create it and you’ll automatically cast the first vote for your idea. The system will help you login or sign up if you haven’t already done so. It’s that simple.

Why do I need to search IdeaSpace before I can add my idea? Agility certainly wants to hear our users’ ideas, and there is a chance that another user may have already added your suggestion to the community. Searching first helps ensure that all collaboration and voting on a given feature is properly represented.

What’s the big number to the left of each idea listed?

That number represents the votes cast so far for the item.

How do I vote for an idea that I like?

To cast your vote, just click on the red ‘Vote for’ section at the bottom of the voting total. Voting does require you to be logged in. The system will help guide you if you are not already logged in.

What’s the difference between the “latest”, “top”, and “hot” categories?

While the categories are all intended to indicate the latest and greatest ideas, each tab shows all ideas in the forum sorted to provide different views:

latest: allows you to see the most recently created ideas, sorted from most recent to oldest top shows all ideas sorted from the idea with the highest number of votes to the lowest

top: shows all ideas sorted from the idea with the highest number of votes to the lowest

hot: sorts ideas by those with the most recent activity, whether it’s been created, voted for, or commented on to ideas with the least amount of activity

Will you respond to every idea that gets posted?

We would like to, but can't due to the volume of suggestions and comments. What we will do is collaborate with the group on ideas that we feel may need more definition and will keep you posted on ideas that have been planned in future releases and completed in releases that have already been delivered.

Do you have a privacy policy?

When you register to use IdeaSpace, you will create an account with your first and last names and email address. The first and last names you use to set up the account will be your name when you post ideas and comments. Keep in mind that your ideas will be posted on the site and can be viewed by any visitor. To learn more about the Privacy Policy for an IdeaSpace account, please read our Privacy Policy.

Are there any rules for using IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpace is an open forum for ideas and discussion. However, we will not allow profanity or other inappropriate conduct. Posts that are inappropriate will be removed from the site and users that repeatedly post inappropriate conduct will have their account suspended. For more specifics on the rules, read our Terms of Service. To report an offensive posting, send an email to

How do I know if my idea will get implemented?

In IdeaSpace, we’ve included a tab called “planned”, which signifies that a particular idea has been accepted into our backlog. Any idea that has been added to our backlog will be indicated in IdeaSpace by an orange stamp of “planned”.

If my idea is accepted and implemented, how will I know when it has been completed?

Ideas are marked as completed when they are released into production. The product Release Notes always contain a summary of what is delivered in each release.

Will I be compensated if my idea is implemented in whole or in part by Agility or another company?

If we implement your idea, we may give you credit on the site, but we won't be compensating customers if their ideas are chosen. To learn more about this, please take a look at our Terms of Service.

Can I purchase IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpace is Agility's customer forum to discuss new product ideas. The Ideas feature set is available to our Ultimate Edition customers so our customers can create their own forums to collaborate with their end users.

Can we install the Ideas feature on our servers?

No. Ideas is Software as a Service (SaaS) so we host and manage the service ourselves on our servers.

How does Agility moderate IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpace is an open forum. Content is available on the site as soon as it is submitted. Agility may post new ideas or comments on existing ideas to participate in the ongoing collaboration. Agility also reserves the right to remove inappropriate content from the site.

What do I do if I see inappropriate content in an idea such as curse words or advertisements?

We will strive to keep this an open forum, so appreciate your help in identifying inappropriate content. Please report any inappropriate ideas or comments you notice on the site to and we will work to remove offensive or inappropriate content.

How many votes does each user get?

Each user gets a single vote for any one idea. While there is no limitation on the number of ideas a user can vote for, it is important to understand that your votes are more valuable if they are limited to your top priorities. In terms of helping Agility to understand the top customer priorities, voting for everything is the equivalent of voting for nothing. For this reason, we recommend casting votes for what you consider the top 10 ideas at any given time.

Can I get more votes?

Not at this time. Once you vote for an idea, you cannot vote for it again or add votes to it.

Can I vote for an item more than once?

Not at this time. Once you vote for an idea, you cannot vote for it again or add votes to it.

Can I remove votes from an item?

Yes, click on the small red x will remove your vote from that idea. Reclicking will once again add your vote to that idea.

Can I cast negative votes for an idea?

You can remove your vote from an item by clicking on the small red x if you have already voted for it. If there is an idea you think would not be beneficial or, even worse, harmful, please put your thoughts down in a comment on the item so others will have the benefit of your input when considering voting for it.