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Advanced Concepts in Data Filtering

Advanced data filtering makes it possible to define groups of parameters that work together to filter undesirable data from the report. Users can define multiple parameters and control the order of evaluation. Filter report data to control what users see at runtime.

Data filtering gives users the ability to control the content of the report. Filter extraneous data from the report by defining one or more parameters that are evaluated at runtime. The directional pad control (image062.gif) enables users to control the order of evaluation.

The individual arrows of the control perform the following functions:

image065.gif Shifts a parameter one position higher in the list (retains indentation)

image066.gif Shifts a parameter one position lower in the list (retains indentation)

image067.gif Indents a parameter one position left

image068.gif Indents a parameter one position right

As parameters are indented to the right, enclosing parentheses appear to indicate the order of evaluation.

Users can also perform a row-level comparison with fields in two different columns. In this case, the parameter takes the form of an equation similar to:

Label1 is Compared to Label2

where label1 represents the first column name, compared to represents a comparison operator, and label2 represents the second column name.

To compare values from two different columns:

  1.     From the Column drop-down menu, select the desired column.
  2.     From the Operator drop-down menu, select the desired comparison operator.
  3.     From the Value type drop-down menu, select Other Data Column.
  4.     From the Value field drop-down menu, select the desired column the comparison will be performed against.
  5.     Click OK to add the parameter to the report.
  6.     Click the DeleteIcon.jpg icon adjacent to any parameter to delete that parameter from the report. Click the ModifyIcon.gif icon to modify a parameter.

Note: When comparing two different columns, the Ask in Report checkbox is disabled.