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Custom Fields

This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

The data mart facilitates reporting against custom fields and custom drop-downs on the following assets: Backlog Defect Environment Issue Iteration Member Project Regression Suite Request Story Task Test Test Set Theme Custom Fields and Dropdowns are available on Dimension Tables and Fact Tables.


Dimension Tables contain columns for the following:

  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Text
  • Number
  • Custom dropdown values

This allows you to create reports on the current values for these attributes.


Fact Tables contain columns for the following

  • Checkbox
  • Number
  • Custom dropdown values

The chart below indicates which Fact table are altered when custom fields appear on specific assets

  Fact.Issue Fact.PrimaryWorkitem Fact.Request Fact.Task Fact.Test Fact.Workitem
Story   X       X
Defect   X       X
TestSet   X       X
PrimaryWorkitem   X       X
Task       X   X
Test         X X
Issue X          
Request     X      


Data Mart column names for custom fields are generated from the System Name for the field defined in the VersionOne core application. Here are some examples:

  • A custom numeric field on PrimaryWorkitems (Stories and Defects) called Business Values would results in the column Custom_BusinessValue on Fact.PrimaryWorkitem, Fact.Workitem, and Dim.PrimaryWorkitem.
  • A custom drop down on Test called Method would result in 2 columns on Dim.SecondaryWorkitem; one for the value called Custom_MethodName and one for the Foreign Key relationship called Custom_MethodKey. On Fact.Test and Fact.Workitem, there would be one column, Custom_MethodKey, that contains the foreign key value.
  • A custom check box on PrimaryWorkitems (Stories and Defects) called Documentation Impact, would result in the column Custom_DocumentationImpactKey on Fact.PrimaryWorkitem, Fact.Workitem, and Dim.PrimaryWorkitem and a foreign key relationship to Dim.BooleanAttribute on BooleanAttributeKey
  • A custom text field on Project called Code Name, would only appear on Dim.Project as Custom_CodeName.

Prior to the Spring 2011 release, the data mart only supported custom fields on the following VersionOne assets

  • Stories (aka Backlog Items)
  • Defects
  • TestSets
  • Task
  • Test
  • Issue
  • Request

Prior to the Spring 2011 release, the following custom fields types are available in the data mart

  • Custom Numbers
  • Custom Dropdowns
  • Custom Checkboxes