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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Effort is a measure of the amount of time spent working on a feature or defect.  In the VersionOne core application, effort is accumulated in the Done field and is historically accurate1.  Each row in the Fact.Effort table represents a single Effort entry in VersionOne and is also historically accurate.  Values in this table are additive, meaning that it does not accumulate over time. There are several existing VersionOne reports that use this metric

Table Description

The following table describes the columns available in the Fact.Effort table.

Column Name Description Datatype Source
EffortKey Datamart unique identifier for this entry int  
Audit VersionOne identifier for this entry int  
DateKey Date this entry was reported as Foreign Key relationship int Dim.Date
Date Date this entry was reported datetime  
MemberKey Member reporting effort int Dim.Member
WorkitemKey Identifies the Workitem where effort was reported int  
ProjectKey Identifies the Project where effort was reported int Dim.Project
IterationKey Identifies the Iteration where effort was reported int Dim.Iteration
TeamKey Identifies the Team reporting effort int Dim.Team
PrimaryWorkitemKey Identifies the Primary Workitem associated with this entry int Dim.PrimaryWorkitem
SecondaryWorkitemKey Identifies the Task or Test associated with this entry int Dim.SecondaryWorkitem
ThemeKey Identifies the Theme associated with this entry int Dim.Theme
EpicKey Identifies the Epic associated with this entry at the time the Effort was entered int Dim.Epic
Effort Effort value decimal(16,2)  
  1. The term "historically accurate" means that the attributes are correct at the time the Effort is recorded and do not change. For example, if effort is recorded against a Defect in project X and that Defect is moved to project Y, the Effort record does not reflect the move. If you need Effort based on current attributes values, consider using the Done column in Fact.PrimaryWorkitem, Fact.Task, Fact.Test, or Fact.Workitem
  2. Fact.Effort contains the same information as source table in VersionOne. Additionally, each Effort record in Fact.Effort is augmented with EpicKey by the ETL. EpicKey is the unique identifier for the Portfolio Item associated with Story, Defect, TestSet at the time the Effort was entered. Thus a Story, connected to Portfolio Item A when Effort is entered and then moved to Portfolio Item B, will contain Effort associated to both Portfolio Items in Fact.Effort.