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This feature is available in Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

The Fact.Issue table captures information about daily changes to Issues. Each row in the table represents a single Issue on a given day. All metrics in the table are semi-additive, meaning that are cumulative only for a given day. Supported Custom Fields are also available on this table.

Table Description

The following table describes the columns available in the default table.

Column Name Description Datatype Foreign Key To
DateKey Date of this measure int Dim.Date
IssueKey Datamart identifier for the Issue int Dim.Issue
ProjectKey Datamart identifier for the project containing this issue int Dim.Project
TeamKey Datamart identifier for the team assigned to this issue int Dim.Team
OwnerKey Datamart identifier for the member responsible for this issue int Dim.Member
ResolutionKey Datamart identifier for the issue resolution int Dim.IssueResolution
SourceKey Datamart identifier for the source of this issue int Dim.WorkitemSource
PriorityKey Datamart identifier for the issue priority int Dim.IssuePriority
CategoryKey Datamart identifier for the issue category int Dim.IssueCategory
AssetStateKey Datamart identifier for the asset state of this issue int Dim.AssetState