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Creating Assets


When you create a new asset with the .NET SDK, you need to specify the context of another asset that will be the parent. For example, if you create a new Story asset you can specify which Scope (project) it should be created in.

Prior to creating an asset in VersionOne, you must first instantiate a V1Connector and Services object:

V1Connector connector = V1Connector
    .WithInstanceUrl("<Server Base URI>")
    .WithUserAgentHeader("AppName", "1.0")
IServices services = new Services(connector);

In versions of the SDK prior to the release, you would also have to instantiate a connector for the MetaModel object. However, starting with the release, that is no longer necessary. The MetaModel object is now available from the Meta property of the Services object.

Creating a New Asset

This example shows how to create a Story asset in the context of a Scope with ID 1012:

Oid projectId = services.GetOid("Scope:1012");
IAssetType storyType = services.Meta.GetAssetType("Story");
Asset newStory = services.New(storyType, projectId);
IAttributeDefinition nameAttribute = storyType.GetAttributeDefinition("Name");
newStory.SetAttributeValue(nameAttribute, "My New Story");

/***** OUTPUT *****
My New Story