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VersionOne maintains history as data changes. Every change to every asset is journaled within the system, and assigned a chronologically-increasing integer called a moment. A past version of an asset is uniquely identified by its asset type, ID, and Moment. A past version of a relation attribute will refer to the past version of its target asset.

For example, Member:20:563 identifies the Member asset with ID of 20, as it was at the time of moment 563.

History in VersionOne

History is made up of events that occur at specific times or moments. Consider running into an old friend at exactly 9:32 PM. At that exact moment an event occured, you and an old friend met. In the VersionOne system every change to every asset is an event, which causes a specific moment to be recorded in the VersionOne history.

For example changing a Story asset then changing a Scope asset would occur at two different times or moments. When a specific asset changes its own individual history is marked as changing as part of that moment. So for example, you create a brand new Story asset, it may get marked with moment number 203. If you then update the Story To Do attribute, the Story will be marked as having changed at moment number 204. If someone else then updates a Member Name attribute, the Member will be marked with moment number 205. Moment numbers are sequential, but are mantained globally for the entire VersionOne system. The next global change in the system will be marked with moment 206.

In the above example the Story history will have been marked with two distinct moment numbers. The first being moment number 203, the moment the asset was created and the second being when the To Do attribute was changed, at moment number 204. As mentioned above moment numbers are not sequential for a specific asset, they are sequential for the entire VersionOne system. Between the time you created the Story asset and the time you changed its To Do attribute, another user may have changed an entirely different asset in the VersionOne system, thus making a gap in between your Story asset's moments.