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Retrieve metadata for a specific asset type


The following is the general structure of a Meta API query will retrieve metadata for a specific asset type:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{asset type}

For example, the following Meta API query will retrieve metadata for the Story asset type:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story


<AssetType href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story" version="" name="Story" token="Story" displayname="AssetType'Story" abstract="False">
    <Base nameref="PrimaryWorkitem" href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/PrimaryWorkitem"/>
    <DefaultOrderBy href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Order" tokenref="Story.Order"/>
    <DefaultDisplayBy href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Name" tokenref="Story.Name"/>
    <ShortName href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Number" tokenref="Story.Number"/>
    <Name href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Name" tokenref="Story.Name"/>
    <Description href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Description" tokenref="Story.Description"/>
    <AttributeDefinition name="ChangeDate" token="Story.ChangeDate" displayname="AttributeDefinition'ChangeDate'Story" attributetype="Date" isreadonly="True" isrequired="False" ismultivalue="False" iscanned="True" iscustom="False">
    <Base href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/BaseAsset/ChangeDate" tokenref="BaseAsset.ChangeDate"/>
    <OrderByAttribute href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/ChangeDate" tokenref="Story.ChangeDate"/>

    <!-- Additional Attribute Definition Nodes -->

    <Operation name="Delete">
        <Validator href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/IsDeletable" tokenref="Story.IsDeletable"/>

    <!-- Additional Operation Nodes -->


When asking for a specific asset type, such as the one above, the response will be very similar to what is displayed when asking for all system metadata. Note how the asset type contains a name attribute as well as an attribute called abstract. The abstract attribute indicates that the Story asset type is a concrete type. A Workitem asset type on the other hand is an abstract type because other asset types derive from it.

You'll also notice that one of the sub-nodes under the AssetType element is called Base. This is an asset type reference node that indicates which asset type Story derives from. In the above example the Story asset type derives from a type called PrimaryWorkitem.