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Sunset Policy for Integrations

VersionOne customers now have more integration options than ever before. As the whole ecosystem of products continues to evolve, so must VersionOne to keep pace with changing demand. In some areas, new integration targets emerge while existing integrations become less important. In order to continue to build more and deeper integrations, we continuously evaluate our portfolio of integrations with an eye on balancing the effort to maintain them with their value to customers. This helps us be more proactive in keeping up with current versions of integrated products. On the other hand, this also means ending support for some integrations.

VersionOne will announce integration sunsets in release notes. The sunset period will extend for the current plus the two following VersionOne releases so customers can continue to use any integration they have adopted as long as that VersionOne release is actively supported. During the sunset period, the integration will be subject to the following:

  • The forthcoming sunset status is noted on the detail page for a sunset integration. Where possible, we will offer go-forward options.

  • During the sunset period, VersionOne will not perform proactive development. For example, there will be no updates to work with the latest version of the target product or VersionOne.

  • VersionOne will continue to do reactive development based on support tickets. Per the above point, this does not include version updates.

After the sunset period (in other words, roughly one year from announcement), the integration will be subject to the following:

  • The sunset status is noted on the AppCatalog detail page for a sunset integration.

  • VersionOne will not provide support.

  • VersionOne will not perform proactive or reactive development. Customers may engage VersionOne Technical Services for their custom software development needs.

  • Any source code currently available in our GitHub Repositories will remain available "as-is" for customer use.