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Fall 2012 Point Release #6 - Build

  • Added: Narrow the Teamroom menu to the lobby and rooms where user is a member.
  • Added: Setup performance improvements.
  • Fixed: 'Add New' link in backlog panel appears disabled.
  • Fixed: Effort tracking fields on backlog items are not consistent.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException opening Story Summary.
  • Fixed: Tasks/Tests cannot be re-assigned to a new template parent.
  • Fixed: Setup fails on SQL 2005 pre-SP2.
  • Fixed: Custom cursors cause 404s.
  • Fixed: The Targeted column on Goals grid does not show correct image.
  • Fixed: Test Connection button for Analytics admin doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Policy content zooms with each view.
  • Fixed: Ideas Test-Connection error message is not localized.
  • Fixed: Adding a wip-group limit of nothing (empty) doesn't return correctly.
  • Fixed: The WIP Group header bar is displaying incorrectly on the Storyboard page.
  • Fixed: PDF export of the Theme Roadmap report is missing the grids.
  • Fixed: Export with customized grid fails with certain columns selected due to ambit ambiguity.
  • Fixed: Long names in dropdowns cause selections to be cut off on the left, hiding normal-sized selections from view.


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