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Summer 2012 Point Release #1 - Build

  • Added: Added the ability for users to mitigate potential load based performance problems by limiting the amount of data that can be exported to Excel in a single transaction.

See KB article Q11460 for more information.

  • Added: Speed application start up time.
  • Fixed: IE Standards mode is not being enforced, resulting in odd layout and formatting for some IE users.
  • Fixed: Lightbox display issues with IE8.
  • Fixed: Popup charts in IE can cover up the Close button with scroll bars.
  • Fixed: Enter key on the track popup on the taskboard does not apply the values entered.
  • Fixed: Ideas Integration slows page loading in core system.
  • Fixed: Project Summary Report totals include closed projects not being displayed.
  • Fixed: Program Summary project order is not consistent across graph and table.
  • Fixed: Program Summary layout is not consistent with the Project Summary report.
  • Fixed: Program Summary's total line does not respect project selection.
  • Fixed: Test Set Hover does not show the Blocking Issue icon when blocked.
  • Fixed: Policy modal on the Storyboard is too small.
  • Fixed: Inline assistance on the Project Assignment page disappears when the page updates.
  • Fixed: Iteration Dashboard printing to .pdf causes 403 Forbidden error.
  • Fixed: PDF exports of project dashboard and scope change reports are missing information.
  • Fixed: Theme filter on the Epic Tree omits matching epics with closed children.
  • Fixed: Owner filter on the Epic Tree page is missing a (None) option.
  • Fixed: Theme filter on various graphs and grids is missing a (None) option.
  • Fixed: Closed epics do not have a strikethrough when listed on a story details page.

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