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Winter 2012 Point Release #2 - Build

  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise
  • Team
  • Added: Reset lost password.
  • Added: Epic Value Flow option on Epic Cumulative Flow report.
  • Added: Breakdown allows in-process entry of required fields.
  • Added: Serve font file and .cur attachments with the appropriate mime type.
  • Fixed: Assign Owners popup on Details page is not allowing valid owners to be added.
  • Fixed: Details view does not refresh after Convert actions .
  • Fixed: Member Actuals report fails to export dates to Excel correctly.
  • Fixed: Setup fails on SQL 2005 pre-SP2.
  • Fixed: Javascript error when an update is made while the History tab is displayed.
  • Fixed: Assigning a blocking issue from the lightbox closes the lightbox.
  • Fixed: Values are not properly displayed in on Issues: Target Date, Number Blocked.
  • Fixed: Team rollup display field for a multi-level epic can be inaccurate.
  • Fixed: Detail Estimate, Done and To Do missing from Task/Test details view.
  • Fixed: Trouble assigning owner via the Details Page Owners Grid for those who are not admins.
  • Fixed: IE8 can requires multiple clicks to close the Blocking Issues window.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] [Data Mart] Custom Fields are not removed from Custom Reporting when they are removed from VersionOne.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Bar Chart Queries do not include Sort defined in Data Source.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Buttons on Analytic Grids do nothing in Chrome 18.0.1025.142m.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] UseExistingUser option causes Setup Errors when installing a new instance.

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