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Fall 2013 Release Notes

Analytics Dashboard in PlanningRooms      
Epic Elaboration Updates    
Other Epic Changes    
Search Improvements
System Timezone
Analytics Changes      
Datamart Changes    
Platform Updates
API Changes
System Requirements Changes
Help Changes


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Release Summary Video


Sit back and watch as we walk through the major features of this release. The Release Summary video includes segments on:

  • Dashboards in PlanningRooms
  • Additional SAFe Reports in Analytics
  • Epic Elaboration Updates
  • Searching Conversations

Analytics Dashboard in PlanningRooms

The power of analytics dashboards has come to the PlanningRooms, bringing with it the ability to manage full planning and execution cycles: plan, tracking execution, analyze progress and adjust future plans. Select from over a dozen analytics charts to include in a new panel in your room. PlanningRoom administrators can install the new panel, select charts to be included and configure the focus of the charts to compliment the planning and tracking done in the room. Other users in the PlanningRooms will see the chart output as configured for them, so there is no extra work or setup they need to do - just toggle the panel on and view the results.

Report options include:Analytics Panel in Planning Room

  • Classic Agile metrics such as Project Burndown and Velocity
  • Lean metrics including Epic Cycle Time and Epic Time in Status
  • SAFe (TM) metrics like Feature Completion and Project Burndown by Iteration
  • Custom Analytics Report (yep, you can build your own)
  • and many more

Epic Elaboration Updates

Changes have been introduced to make the process of breaking down larger epics into both smaller epics and stories easier. Product owners who drive this elaboration process will appreciate these time (and click) saving updates.

OK & New

When adding epics, a new OK & New option has been added to ease the creation of multiple items at a time. Like on other Add pages, the OK & New on the Epic page is the default triggered by the Enter key when on the form. The OK & New option is available when:

  • Adding new epics
  • Adding child epics under an existing epic
  • Adding child stories under an existing epic

Prefill Epic Type

When decomposing and epic to add new child epic, the Type field is defaulted based on the parent epic's Type. The next Type in the list is selected for the new child to help ease creation and to help facilitate a structured epic tree. So, if the Epic Type list is made up of "Initiative", "Feature" and then "Sub-Feature", when a user adds a new child Epic under an "Initiative", it will automatically be Typed as a "Feature".

Other Epic Changes

  • Swag Total - a new field has been added that rolls up the Swag from child epics immediately below a given epic. This field can be used after decomposing epics into multiple levels as a comparison of the Swag from the original epic vs. that of the level below to understand if/how the estimated size of the epic has changed.
  • Epic Filter on Epic Boards & Epic Timeline - when filtering by Epic on the Epic Board and Epic Timeline, the results now show only children of the selected epic so that the user will always see lower level detail when available. Previously, if the epic itself was included on the board, the filtering by that epic would show a board with just that single card. This change allows for a simple means to "drill down" into any epic, even one that is currently visible on the board, by using the Epic filter.

Search Improvements

  • Quick Search Results - Grouped with Conversations IncludedSearch and Find in Conversations - type in search criteria to find matching conversations. Find is available from any stream in the conversations page, on asset detail views and conversations panels in TeamRooms and PlanningRooms.
  • Quick Search usability - results include more context and will be grouped by asset type and limited to five results per asset type for better scanning. Results are sorted to show the most recently added or modified items first.
  • Quick Search coverage - new search results include Conversations, TeamRooms and PlanningRooms. Closed assets will be included in results when the asset ID is used as search criteria.
  • All Conversations - a new view in the Conversations page shows all conversations in your organization, helping you to keep up with what's happening and find conversations of interest.

System Timezone

Administrators may configure the system timezone in hosted and locally installed instances such that timestamps and sprint boundaries match their organization's environment. By default, the instance will continue to use the server's timezone setting until a VersionOne administrator overrides with this new in-app configuration.

Analytics Changes

New SAFe TM reports have been added to the dashboards. These changes were made available in point releases to the Summer '13 release:

  • Defect Trend by Project
  • Test Trend by Project
  • Project Burndown by Iteration

Other changes to Analytics

  • Analytics Setup no longer supports IIS 6 
  • Analytics Setup no longer requires .NET 3.5 
  • Analytics Setup correctly removes the database user on uninstall 
  • Removed duplicate values from Task and Test Details filter parameters selected when the report runs. 

Datamart Changes


Platform Updates


  • Added: Support for OAuth2 authentication.

API Changes


System Requirements Changes

The specific HTML 5 features not supported by Internet Explorer 8 were noted on the System Requirements. This addition was made after the initial availability of the Summer '13 release.

As noted above under Analytics Changes, Analytics no longer supports IIS 6 and now requires .Net 4.0 instead of .Net 3.5.

Pre-Annoucement: Decrementing Support for IE8 as of Spring '14 Release

In order to continue improving the application experience through the use of modern browser technologies, support for Internet Explorer 8 will be removed starting with the Spring '14 Release. Note that, in addition to the latest available release, VersionOne supports the prior 4 releases for its Enterprise and Ultimate Editions. Customers who have reason to continue using IE8, therefore, can do so on a fully supported VersionOne release for the next 18 months - up until the delivery of the Spring 2015 release. 

Help Changes

As of Fall 2013, Help links in the application now point to the Help Center on the VersionOne Community Site.  Edition badges on Help Center articles indicate which editions contain the described functionality.  Articles also indicate deprecated functionality, by version, within the article's content.  Scrum terminology is used throughout the Help Center.

For on-premise installations of VersionOne which also have on-premise help, upgrading to Fall 2013 will break links to your on-premise help.  Please contact VersionOne Support to request new on-premise help files.


The following additions were rolled out in point releases since the last quarterly release:

  • Analytics changes as mentioned above.

Other new additions include:

  • Collapsible headers in TeamRooms and PlanningRooms to free up more working space when you are in execution mode.
  • Updated the Rich Text component to fix a number of display and behavior issues.

Point Releases

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