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Summer 2013 Point Release #1 - Build

New Features


  • Defect Trend by Project - This panel is similar to our existing Defect Trend chart; however in this chart each bar represents a project.  This allows you to see how your Defects changed after each release.
  • Test Trend by Project- This panel is similar to our existing Test Trend panel.  However, in this panel, each bar represents an project.  This allows you to see how your Tests changed after each release.


  • Core: Generating a Parent Epic from a Backlog Item/Story fails when required fields are configured on the Epic.
  • Core: Storyboard WIP customizations do not persist.
  • Core: Closed regression tests are not consistent with other closed assets and are not displayed with a strike-thru.
  • Core: Generated Test Sets would include closed Regression Tests.
  • Core: The Grid Action Menu Multi Ranking option would not display page numbers.
  • Core: The Participant list for a space should not include inactive collaborators.
  • Core: JavaScript errors may occur on the Epic Timeline in a Planning Room when it first loads or when filters are applied.
  • Core: Error would occur when attempting to reply to a Conversation that was instated by a now deleted member.
  • Core: Grid customizations were reset to system defaults when upgrading to 13.2.
  • Core: Guest (non-member) Collaborators would not receive email notifications, even though notifications were enabled.
  • Core: Guest Collaborators who had been marked as inactive could still be invited to a Space or Mentioned in a Conversation.
  • Core: Several UI/UX improvements in Planning Rooms.
  • Core: Miscellaneous performance improvements.
  • Analytics: All iteration based dashboard panel require that the selected project have an associated schedule.

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