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Spring 2014 Release Notes

Release Capacity Planning    
Activity Stream
Analytics Changes      
Data Mart Changes    
Platform Updates
API Changes
System Requirements Changes



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Release Summary Video


Get a quick tour of the major features of this release. The Release Summary video includes segments on:

  • Release Capacity Planning
  • Agile Earned Value Reporting
  • Activity Stream
  • Localization in Analytics

Release Capacity Planning

Wouldn't it be great to know when to stop planning? When you've planned too much? When you still have room left? With new release and team level targets, all team members and stakeholders will be constantly aware of how much capacity remains (or has been exceeded) so your release planning process will go smoother than ever. 


Updates to the Release Scheduling page show the relative size of each release, how current release plans stack up against predefined targets and include a new Team Breakout section to show the team-level allocations vs. each team's capacity.

For release level capacity, two new fields have been introduced to the project asset to capture Target Swag and/or Target Estimate. Use the one that is appropriate for your level of release planning. The target values are indicated in the release progress bars as a method to gauge how much to plan into the release. When combined with relative bar sizes across your releases, it becomes very easy to scan and understand how and where to make adjustments across your releases, helping both with initial release planning and the planning adjustments that can often happen as the end of a release approaches.

When multiple teams are working on the same release, planning can get more complex. A new team-level Target Velocity field allows teams to proclaim their typical velocity using their own recent history as a guide.  As teams negotiate and detail out their workload during release planning, the system shows each team's current load in relation to it's capacity. For component teams planning work across multiple projects at once, the display ensures that an accurate picture is shown by factoring in work from other projects that will eat into the team's capacity as well.

Activity Stream

activity_stream.pngMaybe you've been away from work for awhile or perhaps you're working on multiple projects at the same time.  Activity Streams make it easier to stay informed of what's happening in your projects in a very open and accessible way.  

Activity Streams show relevant details of the changes that occur to assets within VersionOne. For each activity item you'll see who triggered the activity, the type of activity, what asset was affected and the details of the change including the new values.  Activity Streams also show changes to related assets, such as failed tests or blocking issues on a story.  

Activity Streams will be available on most assets and in TeamRooms.  When viewing the detail views of assets, a new side-panel will expose that asset's stream.  The stream will consist of different changes that occur to the asset as well as the relationships of the assets.  This means that when blocking issue occurs on a story, you'll see the details on the story indicating when the issue was created, updated and resolved.  When a test is marked as Passed on a story, you'll know it on both the detail views of both the test and parent story.  If the story is in a TeamRoom, you'll also see the changes in a new Activity Stream panel in TeamRooms.  This stream aggregates the activity taking place on the stories, defects and test sets within the TeamRoom.

Analytics Changes


Dashboards, Analytic Grids, and Custom Reporting have been enhanced to use the same terminology seen in the core VersionOne application.  This change applies to all major data types, but not to individual attributes.  On Analytics Dashboard, this change applies to dropdown labels, panel titles, labels, and hovers.  On Analytic Grids, the change applies to dropdown labels and to column headers.  In Custom Reporting, the change affects data source names and the text you see in the information panel.   Finally, as part of this change, the DisplayID columns in Analytics align with the ID column in your core VersionOne instance.  The change does not affect data values in the Type column or AssetType data source.  

Agile Earned ValueAgileEarnedValue.png

A new dashboard panel was added that provides a single view of key metrics based on a target estimate and the total number of sprints/iterations in your project.  The target estimate value defaults to the Target Estimate value defined for the selected project.  The default value for total number of iterations is calculated based on the start and end date of the selected project.  The chart then plots the following values per iteration:  Target Estimate, Total Estimate defined in the project/program, the Total Closed Estimate, Velocity and the Ideal line.  

Other changes:

  • The new Target Estimate and Target Swag attributes available on Projects in the core application are available on the Project Details and Project Summary data sources. 
  • The new Target Velocity attributes available on Teams in the core application are available on the Team Details data source.
  • Dashboards and Analytic grids will default to the currently selected project in VersionOne until they are configured for a specific project.  
  • Dashboard panels now include all child Epics when an Epic filter is applied to the dashboard.
  • The AsOf Date Reset button behave correctly
  • The Add New Dashboard Panel list is now in a dialog box
  • The Dashboard Panel configuration options are now in a pop-up menu.  Click the gear icon on the panel to view this menu.
  • Defect Dashboard panels now honor the Epic filter.

Data Mart Changes

The Data Mart database has been updated with the following changes

  • The value in the DisplayID column matches the ID value in VersionOne.
  • The new Target Estimate and Target Swag attributes available on Projects in the core application are available on the Dim.Project and Fact.ProjectSummary tables
  • The new Target Velocity attributes available on Teams in the core application are available on the Dim.Team table.

Platform Updates

Sunsetting Object Model Libraries

Customers now have more developer tools for the VersionOne API than ever before. As the whole ecosystem of the platform continues to evolve, so must VersionOne keep pace with changing demand. In some areas, new libraries emerge while some existing libraries become less important. In order to focus on libraries that provide the most value, we are re-evaluating our portfolio of SDK libraries with an eye on balancing the effort to maintain code with their value to customers. This will help us to be more proactive in providing tools that provide both utility and performance. On the other hand, this will also mean ending support for the Object Model libraries following our documented sunset policy.

The sunset period will extend for the next 4 VersionOne releases so customers can continue to use any code they have built, as long as that VersionOne release is actively supported. During the sunset period, the Object Model libraries will be subject to the following:

  • The forthcoming sunset status is noted on the detail page for a sunset libraries. Where possible, we will offer go-forward options.
  • During the sunset period, VersionOne will not perform proactive development. For example, there will be no updates to work with the latest version of VersionOne.
  • VersionOne will continue to do reactive development based on support tickets. Per the above point, this does not include version updates.

After the sunset period (in other words, roughly 1 year from now), the libraries will be subject to the following:

  • The sunset status is noted on the detail page for a sunset library.
  • VersionOne will not provide support.
  • VersionOne will not perform proactive development or reactive development. Customers may engage VersionOne for custom software development services.

VersionOne Integration for Team Foundation Server

  • Added: Support for TFS 2013
  • Removed: Support for TFS 2010

For documentation and downloads, see the application catalog.

API Changes

New: ActivityStream API

New Fields:

  • Scope.TargetSwag
  • Scope.TargetEstimate
  • Team.TargetVelocityValue
  • Team.TargetVelocityPeriod

System Requirements Changes

Removing Support for IE8

As of this release, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a more recent version of IE or use one of our other supported browsers.

Removing Support for Windows XP Clients

As Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system, it has been dropped from the supported web client operating systems list.

Pre-Annoucement: Removing Support for Safari on Windows as of Summer '14 Release

Updates to the Safari browser on Windows have been halted by Apple, appearing to signal an end to any further development. Because the Windows version of Safari is lagging farther and farther behind its OS X sibling, we will be officially dropping support for Windows Safari browsers as of the Summer '14 Release. Support for Safari on OS X will continue.


Other new additions include:

  • Release Scheduling page layout: Unscheduled Work container moved to the top of the left side above the child projects (releases) listing to create even more display space for the backlog. In addition, the Unscheduled Work container added the Asset Details breakout and removed the progress bar from it's display.
  • The Project/Program Summary report was enhanced to include an Epic filter.
  • The Velocity by Date report was enhanced to include an Epic Filter.
  • Member field 'default role' was renamed to 'admin privileges' to better describe its purpose and impact.
  • Conversation email notifications have been updated to include the full conversation thread and all mentioned assets.

Point Releases

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