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Summer 2014 Release Notes

Estimably TM      
Mobile Connect
Analytics Changes      
Data Mart Changes    
Platform Updates
API Changes
System Requirements Changes



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Release Summary Video


Get a quick tour of the major features of this release. The Release Summary video includes segments on:

  • Estimation w/ Estimably
  • Mobile Connect
  • Analytics Updates


Estimably TM - The Estimation Game

Estimably is being made available in a limited release initially. Full access will be available in the Fall 2014 release.

​Teams can now use this free tool to estimate their backlog the fun and efficient way right from their TeamRoom. No more holding up fingers, yelling out estimates at the same time or waving cards in the air. Estimably allows all team members, whether local or remote, to get their fair and honest input into the estimation process and collaborate with their teammates to determine the team's estimate.Estimably - The Estimation Game

One member accesses the VersionOne TeamRoom and acts as the facilitator for the estimation game. Other members log in to the game using their computers, phones, tablets - whatever is handy. The facilitator leads the group through a series of rounds to estimate a set of stories. In each round, team members get to vote in private, allowing each to formulate his or her own opinion first. A group review of the voting results allows all to see and discuss any differences. When the estimate has been decided, the facilitator saves the result to automatically update the story in the VersionOne system and moves on to the next story. Estimation has never been this simple or all-inclusive.

Mobile Connect

v1-mobile.pngKeep up with what's happening on your projects and interact with team members from your mobile device with VersionOne Mobile Connect. Simply login to your instance through your mobile web browser to access a mobile-optimized experience for:

  • information you deem important via Subscription Activities (Notifications) and Conversation Subscriptions.  
  • conversation and activity stream information from the TeamRooms in which you belong.
  • up-to-date status of assets in the system.

In addition to keeping up with the above noted Conversation streams, you can also reply to them and start new conversations. Subscription Activities are simply the notifications from your existing subscriptions & watched assets delivered in activity stream format. 

Analytics Changes

The Analytics Dashboard panels and charts received a technology upgrade that allows them to consume the entire width of the browser.  These changes also introduced more informative  hovers on many of the panels and charts.  As part of this enhancement, we added support for Excel export to all charts and added links to the VersionOne details page to the Time In Status Histogram chart drill through, the Epic Time In Status Histogram chart drill through, and the Workitem Tree Map chart.

The Custom Reporting module received a UI update to improve useability when building reports.  When building a new report definition, the new UI only displays configuration tabs for the selected report element.  Additionally, the toolbar of available elements was moved from the top to the left hand side and the Data Source button was moved to the top button bar. 

Custom Reporting was also updated to add support for building reports on Blocked Epics.  The new Data Source, Epics Blocked By Issue, allows users to create reports on Issues that directly block an Epic.  Using this table you can create various reports on blocked epics.  For example, we can create a report showing all Epics that are blocked or a report that shows all Issues that block an Epic.  You can also trend the number of blocked Epics over time.

Other changes:

  • Epic Time In Status, Epic Time In Status Histogram, and Epic Cycle Time all take Program filter into account.
  • Feature Completion panel supports the < and > characters in Epic names
  • Epic Filter was added to the following dashboard panels and charts
    • Velocity Planned v. Actual
    • Story Count by Project
    • Story Count by Iteration
  • Epic Source is now available on the Epic Analytic Grid
  • Saved View on Analytic Grids once again persist the name of the user creating these grids.
  • Effort Analytic Grid no longer shows the Iteration/Sprint filter unless the selected Project/Program contains only one schedule.
  • Capacity value attribute is once again part of the Capacity Quick Report
  • The EMail form no longer fails on instances with a large number of users.
  • Setup can configure Analytics to use trusted connections when connecting to databases
  • Setup configures a more aggressive clean-up thread for Custom Reporting
  • Setup no longer removes the Custom Reporting Standard reports

Data Mart Changes

The Data Mart database has been updated with the following changes

  • There is a new Bridge.IssueBlocksEpic table which is similar to the existing Bridge.IssueBlocksPrimaryWorkitem.  The data in this table indicate when Epics are directly blocked by Issues.
  • Fact.Epic now contains an EpicSourceKey column.  This is a foreign key to the Dim.WorkitemSource table for the Epic Source attribtue.
  • Fact.Epic view now contains a Source column which hold the selected Epic Source value.
  • The ETL handles VersionOne Members being removed and re-created betewen ETL runs.
  • Setup can configure the Data Mart ETL to use trusted connections when connecting to databases
  • Setup now creates the scalar-valued functions that require execute permission and grants execute permission to everyone.

Platform Updates

New Integration Options

Thanks to our technology partners OpsHub and Tasktop, VersionOne customers now have more integration options than ever before. Through these partners, customers can better manage the overlap in their tools ecosystem.

For documentation and downloads, see the application catalog.

Sunsetting Integrations

As the ecosystem of integrations continues to evolve, so must VersionOne keep pace with changing demand. In some areas, new integrations emerge while some existing integrations become less important. In order to focus on integrations that provide the most value, we are re-evaluating our portfolio free and open-source integrations with an eye on balancing the effort to maintain code with their value to customers. This will help us to be more proactive in providing integrations that keep up-to-date with the integration target. However, this will also mean ending support for the following products in accordance with our documented sunset policy.

The sunset period will extend for the next 4 VersionOne releases so customers can continue to use any code they have built, as long as that VersionOne release is actively supported. During the sunset period, these integrations will be subject to the following:

  • The forthcoming sunset status is noted on the detail page for a sunset integration. Where possible, we will offer go-forward options.
  • During the sunset period, VersionOne will not perform proactive development. For example, there will be no updates to work with the latest version of VersionOne or for release of the integration target.
  • VersionOne will continue to do reactive development based on support tickets. Per the above point, this does not include version updates.

After the sunset period (in other words, roughly 1 year from now), the integrations will be subject to the following:

  • The sunset status is noted on the detail page for a sunset integration.
  • VersionOne will not provide support.
  • VersionOne will not perform proactive or reactive development.
  • Any source code currently available on GitHub will remain for customer use. Customers may engage VersionOne for custom software development services.

API Changes


System Requirements Changes

.Net 4.5

Server requirements have been updated. The core application now requires Microsoft .Net 4.5. The Data Mart and Analytics require .Net 4.0.


Other new additions include:

  • Activity Streams are now available on Requests, Goals, and Feature Groups.
  • Changes to asset relationships show up in the asset's activity stream.  For example, the act of adding an attachment or a dependency on a backlog item will now appear in that backlog item's activity stream.
  • Activity Stream styling has been enhanced to improve readability and to also use asset icons to help improve scannability.

Point Releases

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