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Winter 2014 Point Release #7 - Build


  • Core: Improved keyboard interactions with bullet lists in rich text fields
  • Core: The new Owners Lookup has been implemented to replace the old Owners List control in Retrospectives, Subscriptions, Report Filters and Single Owner Assignment controls.


  • Core: Clicking on the scroll bar of an owner quicklist in the Grid puts the cursor in drag-n-drop mode when using IE.    
  • Core: Task owner filter omits some teammates in TeamRoom.    
  • Core: When using IE the single owner selection and owner filter components have a search text width that is more confined than necessary    
  • Core: Multi-value owners should comma separate multiple values.    
  • Core: Safari in windows can't handle the new owner selection initially.    
  • Core: Effort Trend report still has Member Dropdown.    
  • Core: Unable to export backlog with Owner column visible.    
  • Core: Errors in owner selection behavior.    
  • Core: TeamRoom Conversations stream takes too long to load.    
  • Core: Clicking in owner column in grid does not open the row up for edit.
  • Core: Owner Lookup in Epic Tree in the PlanningRoom does not work if two epic boards are present.    
  • Core: Changing the project on an epic with a pending owner change will cause the Rich Text Fields to not have the rich text menu and to show its contents in html.    
  • Analytics: Values in Epic drop-down on dashboards matches the results seen in the core VersionOne product.


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