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Summer 2015 Point Release #1 - Build


New! VersionOne TeamSync™ for JIRA

VersionOne TeamSync is an integration that provides portfolio and program managers with visibility into the work that their teams are doing whether they are working in VersionOne or some other team tool like Atlassian® JIRA®. TeamSync is designed from the ground up to allow VersionOne to coexist with other agile team tools like JIRA, while providing accurate and near-time roll up of the features that the teams are working on, including their workitems, estimates, statuses, and effort.

Key features of this initial release of TeamSync include:

  • Connector for JIRA 5 and 6

  • Synchronize data from multiple JIRA instances into a single VersionOne instance

  • Synchronize multiple projects per JIRA instance instance

  • Specify the VersionOne Portfolio Item level to send as features (epics) to JIRA

  • Maintains workitem status in near-time

  • Aggregates workitem estimates and worklogs to the portfolio and program level in VersionOne

  • Simple installation and configuration

For more information, see VersionOne TeamSync

Reporting Categories

This release introduces the concept of Reporting Categories.  With Reporting Categories, you can assign individual Status values for Portfolio Items and Backlog Items (Stories, Defects, and TestSets) to a fixed set of categories that will be used for reporting.  The list of category values are Not Started, In Progress, and Completed.  

Reports and progress bars honor these settings when considering how items appear.  For example, Workitem Progress Bars now consider Status when determining which items Active and which are Complete.  The same is true for Project Burndown, Workitem Trend, Velocity and other Estimate based reports.  

As a result of this change we renamed the existing Cumulative Flow report to Cumulative Flow by Status and the Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow to Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow by Status.  We also added a new Cumulative Flow report and a new Portfolio Item Cumulative  report to the Executive section on the Reports menu.  Both of these charts show items based on Reporting Categories.  

New! Reports

  • Velocity Trend By Story Count

  • Project Burndown By Story Count

  • Cumulative Flow by Reporting Category

Updated User Interface

  • Roadmapping

  • Theme Switcher


  • Dashboard Panels and the corresponding charts were updated to honor Reporting Categories. 


  • Portfolio Item breakdown on Scorecards now contains the Swag column

  • Help Links on Report pages takes users to report specific help page

  • TeamRoom Burndown chart honors the Sprint selector

  • Analytics: Custom Reporting meta data was updated to properly report on Portfolio Items assigned to multiple Strategic Themes.

Auto-Upgrade Date: 08/01/2015

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact Support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

  1. Contact support if you need a 2015 annual license for your On-Site system.
  2. Download the appropriate edition below.

Ultimate Edition
Enterprise Edition


If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.

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