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Summer 2017 Release Notes

Release Summary

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  • Lifecycle:

    • UI Updates

    • Expanded Filtering Options

    • Team-level WIP & Cycle Definitions

  • Continuum

    • Complexity Ranking for Workitems

    • Delivery Categories

    • Tracking Release Deliveries

    • UI Updates



Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Continuum ALM Connect
UI Updates  
Filter Options Expanded    
Team Process Enhancements        
Analytics Updates          
Data Mart Updates        
Integration Updates    
Platform Updates    
Code Complexity Rankings          
Delivery Categories          
Delivery Tracking Asset          
Other Continuum Enhancements          
New ALM Connect Integrations          
System Requirements Changes    

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. Jul 29 Jul 29 Aug 12 Aug 12 N/A N/A


Contact support for a new 2017 annual license for your on-site system.     Download Download Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.


UI Updates

Both VersionOne Lifecycle and Continuum have been updated to provide a new, modern look and feel.  Users will experience a new icon based menu system with easy to understand menu descriptions to get a user where they need to be quickly and easily.

Lifecycle UI

For Lifecycle, users a few items have changed location:

  • Navigation Changes

    • The navigation has been simplified to drive users, especially team level users, to the correct menu. The Iteration Planning, Iteration Tracking and Iteration Review menus have all been relocated under the Team Menu. 

  • Project Navigator

    • The project navigator has moved to be inline with the main navigation to emphasize that it directly affects the data displayed when using the rest of the menu. The move also allows for easier access to the Project Navigator itself. 

  • My Home

    • My Home has moved to the top of the screen to the left of the search. 

  • Asset Tray

    • The asset tray has been transformed into a permanent sidebar with access to former features such as add asset. Timesheets have also been added to the sidebar for easy access.

Continuum UIContinuum UI

The new Continuum UI makes it easy to get to the places you visit most and navigate your value stream with ease.

  • The 5 levels in the top-level menu have been replaced with a single navigation option. This provides users at all levels with the options that are relevant to them.

  • The horizontal navigation bar has been expanded to provide easy access to Progressions and Tasks.

  • Canvas and Custom Pages are now always present on the horizontal navigation bar.

  • Global search has now been moved to the top navigation bar and will always be available


Filter Options Expanded

Filters are now even more powerful with even more options for filtering grids and board views. 

  • Checkboxes, dates and numbers are now filterable. 

  • Number fields can use LESS THAN and GREATER THAN, while date fields can use BEFORE and AFTER, in addition to IS.

  • "Find" now includes results from all text fields, in addition to Title and Description.

  • The "Find" filter can now be executed simply by pressing the Enter key while typing.

  • Filters can now be invoked using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F.

Team Process TabTeam Process Enhancements

The Team Process definition has been enhanced to allow teams to configure their Cycle Time, Cycle Time Threshold, and the Work In Progress (WIP) limit and Threshold for individual Status values. Values defined in the Team Process are honored on all Storyboards when they are  filtered to the Team. As a result, the Storyboard configuration for these settings is only editable when the selected Team does not have a process defined. 



  • The Custom Reporting framework was upgraded to use the chart library being used in Analytics and Lifecycle. This change provides a unified look and feel across the entire product, especially when Custom Reports are on Dashboards next to built-in panels.

  • The role-based Dashboards, those labeled "Executive", "Product Owner", "ScrumMaster", "Team" and "Quality", are being deprecated in favor of the new, and more powerful level-based Dashboards, those labeled "Dashboard" by default. Additional information about this change is available here.

Data Mart

  • There were no changes in the Data Mart schema in this release. 

  • As a result of the Analytics changes, the ETL process relies on updated libraries.

Platform Updates


  • General Stability Improvements

Continuum: Code Complexity RankCode Complexity Ranking for Workitems

Informed by the data coming from your SonarQube instance, Continuum now normalizes code complexity data on a scale from 0 to 100 and assigns a code complexity ranking to primary workitems. This data will roll-up to Portfolio Items which will, in turn, receive an average code complexity ranking. This data will allow development and release manager to have a more informed conversation around the complexity and risk of both workitems and features.


Delivery CategoriesContinuum: Delivery Categories

Primary workitems that have code commits will now be classified into one of three “Delivery Categories” depending where they are in your delivery value stream:

Developing - workitems that have code commits but have not yet reached the “code complete” phase as designated in Continuum.

Packaged - workitems that are part of a package revision that has reached the “code-complete” phase as designated in Continuum (considered ready for delivery).

Delivered - workitems that are part of a package revision that has been delivered to end-users.

This value will be set automatically by Continuum as workitems move through your value stream and are visible on the workitems in Lifecycle.

This will be especially useful for portfolio level users to determine the delivery status of a single workitem or an entire feature or portfolio item, providing visibility of the unified value stream - from creation to delivery - in a single place.

Delivery Object

Continuum: Delivery Tracking Asset

As Continuum delivers package revisions to end-users, these delivery events will be sent to Lifecycle and will be available in the “Delivery Contents” report. This report will allow users to see the contents of a package revision previously delivered to customers.

Users can choose to see the contents of a single delivery or the contents for a range of deliveries. This will be especially useful to those who want to access the backlog items that are included with a release or a hotfix.

Continuum: Other Enhancements

  • Continuum has been updated to use MongoDB as its single database solution. This release will migrate all data from MySQL to MongoDB automatically.

  • The DAAG board in Lifecycle has been updated to hide the “planned” phase to provide more space for the phases of your value-stream. A new toggle will allow users to show and hide the “planned” phase which will be off by default.

  • The “progression” tab of workitems in Continuum will now show the historical movement of that workitem through the value-stream.

  • Continuum pipelines can now re-version a package revision without the need of promoting the package to a given phase.

  • Continuum now allows users to specify environment data for package revisions as they move through the value stream. 

ALM Connect

  • New Systems Added:

    • Slack 

    • Jira Service Desk

    • IBM Doors Next Generation

  • Added Support for Jira worklogs and Lifecycle actuals

System Requirements Changes

No changes. See Lifecycle System Requirements for details.


  • Inline Edit

    • Continuing with usability improvements, we made numerous enhancements to the inline editing feature. In addition to the Undo function (CTRL+Z), there is now a warning if the user tries to navigate away before the auto-save saves all the changes.

    • More assets are now directly editable: Program, Team and Member

    • Fixes to issues with highlighting and editing rich text fields were released in various point releases since the Spring Release.

  • Specify colors for tasks and tests via Admin > List Types for the Status and Type fields. With this option, you can:

    • Ensure failed tests show up as red in progress bars regardless of your Test Status options. 

    • Control task card colors on the Taskboard. 

    • Control test card colors on the Testboard.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.