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2019 Releases

List of 2019 VersionOne releases that are no longer supported.
  • Fall 2019 Release Notes
    Fall 2019 Release Notes
    The Fall 2019 VersionOne release includes an inline reports in PlanningRooms and TeamRooms and the ability to choose your font. Continuum include additional user interface updates.
    • Summer 2019 Release Notes
      Summer 2019 Release Notes
      The Summer 2019 VersionOne release includes an updated User Interface and a new Dependency Board in PlanningRooms. Continuum introduces two new side panels to visualize delivery information on workitems and Portfolio Items along with a UI update.
      • Spring 2019 Release Notes
        Spring 2019 Release Notes
        The Spring 2019 VersionOne release includes improvements to PlanningRooms, TeamRooms, Story Boards, and Portfolio Kanbans.  Continuum introduces the Feature Progression Board and Single Sign On support.  Ideas enhancements include Single Sign On and GDPR support.
        • Winter 2019 Release Notes
          Winter 2019 Release Notes
          The Winter 2019 release of VersionOne includes enhancements to Saved Views, Template Stories on Portfolio Item Templates, and updates to Outbound Webhook.    Continuum has several new enhancements which include support for Deferred Activities, Feature Awareness and the ability to consume a VersionOne webhook.