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Fall 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • VersionOne:

    • VersionOne is now Agility

    • New Filters in the TeamRoom Backlog Panel

    • Important Field Enforcement in the Bulk Close Wizard

    • Performance Updates

  • Continuum

    • Plugin Updates

    • API Updates

Feature Breakdown

Team Edition Catalyst Edition Enterprise Edition Ultimate Edition Continuum ALM Connect
VersionOne is now Agility    
New Filters in the TeamRoom Backlog Panel        
Important Field Enforcement in the Bulk Close Wizard        
Performance Updates        

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. October 31 October 31 November 7 November 7 N/A N/A


Contact support for a new 2020 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, and would like to learn more, visit our website and contact us to get started.


Join us on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 at Noon ET for a live review of the Fall 2020 release.

Click HERE to view a recording of the live webinar! Agility

VersionOne is now AgilityRebranding.png recently announced the renaming of VersionOne to Agility.  This name change is reflected in the Fall 2020 release and over the next several months will be reflected on the community site.

New Filters in the TeamRoom Backlog PanelBudgetBySwag2.png

The Backlog panel in TeamRooms received several updates in the Fall 2020 release. 

  • Regardless of methodology, the Backlog Panel includes an option to hide forecast lines when viewing the unplanned backlog.  

  • Teams following an Iterative methodology, and planning work into future Iterations, often discover that the "unplanned backlog" does not contain the next most important items.  In these environments, if the team is able to accept additional work into the current iteration, they often prefer to consider planned work first before pulling from the unplanned backlog.  The Fall 2020 release includes a "Show Unplanned Only" option in the Backlog panel for Iteration-based TeamRooms.  When this option is checked, the Backlog Panel contains backlog items that are not planned into an Iteration.  When the option is cleared, the Backlog Panel contains backlog items that are planned into future Iterations.  This improves visibility into planned backlog items and makes it easier to locate and move them into the current iteration when necessary.  This change also removes forecast lines for existing Iterations.  Additionally, in Iteration TeamRooms, creating Stories or Defects from the Backlog Panel no longer assigns the new item to the selected Iteration. 

Important Field Enforcement in the Bulk Close WizardImportantFieldEnforceAtClose.png

The multi-select close wizard on grids supports closing multiple items when Important Field Enforcement is enabled in a workspace. The new wizard identifies which work items are missing Important Field values and prevents closing until those values have been populated.  As with the previous wizard, the new close wizard contains a grid that can be customized to include Important Fields so that Important Field values can be set in bulk.  Additionally, each item can be opened individually to set values for the missing Important Fields.

Performance Updates

There have been several performance updates recently.  These changes were made available in point releases as they were completed.  Below is a recap of those changes.

  • Delivery at a Glance (DaaG) queries were split and optimized to improve performance on page loads and updates.
  • Grids on the Sprint Scheduling page were updated to improve performance when lots of columns are in edit mode.
  • Roadmap Bucket views were optimized to improve rendering on page loads and updates.

We would like to thank everyone who partnered with us to identify and work through these issues.  We sincerely appreciate your feedback and patience.



  • Various improvements have been made throughout the UI.
  • Added a dedicated endpoint to add users to a team via the API.
  • Added a Remove Team API endpoint.
  • The full package version can be changed using the package_reversion API.
  • HTTP request function can now choose whether or not to inherit an HTTP failure.
  • Updated VersionOne branding to Agility


  • Inbound and outbound webhook payloads are now completely visible when click on the eye icon.

Other Enhancements and Updates Agility

Select items included in this release which were completed since the last major release.  Most, if not all, of these items were available in previous point releases.


  • Milestones can be hidden on Roadmap Board and Timeline views.

  • The API Console user interface defaults Bulk API queries to preview-only mode to encourage previewing these calls before execution. Preview Only mode allows the user to see the results of the operation without updating the data.

  • Budget Summary tooltip indicates percent complete.

  • Portfolio Item Business Value attribute is available in the Portfolio Item Breakdown section on Scorecards.

  • New Stories and Defects can be created from the List View in TeamRooms.

  • Multi-select list values attempt an exact match when you type 2 characters and a full text search when you provide 3 or more characters.  This change allows you to quickly locate people with 2 character names or 2 character values in a multi-select list.


  • Details Estimate Value is not shown on Iteration details page

  • Memory leak in Delivery Progress side panel

  • Query.v1 and Bulk API end points do not handle incorrect "where" clause values. Note, this change makes the Bulk API and Query.v1 API endpoint moire restrictive.

  • Deleting a custom drop down field deletes Custom Columns for all custom drop downs

  • Defect Status field not available when generating a Defect from a Request

  • Cannot clear the Team value on an asset created from a Grid with a Team filter

  • Drag and Drop on Boards no longer scrolls the board in FireFox

  • Project Timeline no longer displays the zoom and navigation controls

  • Filter options on the Project Timeline page are hidden behind the timeline

  • Disabled paging controls appear enabled

  • Grid filters checkbox labels are not aligned properly and label text is not fully visible if lengthy

  • Asset Details tabs and controls shift to the center when the Share icon is clicked in Internet Explorer

  • Grid view columns are too wide in Internet Explorer

  • Portfolio Item Rollup Category Filter is incorrectly styled in the dark theme

  • Searching the guest collaborator conversation stream fails with a 400 error

  • Important drop down fields are not properly enforced at close

  • Tags are not enforced at close when marked as Important

  • Custom Fields marked as Important do not display the correct indicator when Adding or Editing an asset

  • Add and Edit dialog throws exceptions when custom fields marked as important are deleted

  • Important Fields are no longer displayed on the Close dialog

  • Members can manage Important Fields and Enforcement In Workspaces where they cannot manage Display fields

  • Budget segment bar is missing for Swag with blended rates and high Swag vales

  • Project navigator indentation is confusing

  • Unable to open History Details from the history tab of an asset

  • Information on Custom Field changes are not visible on the history details page

  • Unable to display Ideas forum page

  • TeamRooms metrics consider work items that are not visible in the TeamRoom

  • Release Forecasting not showing average value in cultures where commas are used as decimal separator

  • Member assignment look up fields no longer include Member's Short Name in the search

  • Grouping the Portfolio Kanban on a multi-select custom field results in an Unable to Display error

  • Portfolio Items associated to a Template are considered Out of Scope on the Program Board

  • Activity Stream snap back up to the top when scrolling past the last entry

  • The Backlog Grid no longer supports filtering by Closed Iterations/Sprints

  • Server Error occurs when attaching large files

  • Sticky Milestone lane toggle text does not appear on older published Roadmaps

  • Portfolio Tree contains no results when filtered for multiple Portfolio Items using the "Portfolio Item" filter

  • The Portfolio Item Root filter only returns results when the selected Portfolio Item has no parent.

  • The Storyboard Customize Card options include the Order attribute.

  • Portfolio Kanban panel in PlanningRooms lists all Strategic Themes when grouped on Strategic Themes

  • Data Mart ETL loads the Phase dimension and custom fields are updated properly

  • Portfolio Kanban within a PlanningRoom and StoryBoard in the TeamRoom does not scroll properly

  • Java SDK API Connection does not encode body as UTF-8

System Requirements Changes

There are no System Requirement Changes in this release

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.